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Entries » Blog » Now even Safer, Tougher and Easier to use Author: Tunde Williams

Now even Safer, Tougher and Easier to use Author: Tunde Williams

Created Apr 17 2015, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

When an emergency or life-threatening incident occurs, the brain’s scope of awareness narrows. In this state, performing anything complex is almost impossible. Motorola has committed more than 15 years of research focused on understanding user behaviour under high stress situations. The insights from this research have driven key design decisions we’ve taken with the MTP3000 Series handheld TETRA radios. Here the design principle was simple - ensure that product operation is “second nature to the user”. Improving the safety of front line personnel for whom the radio is a lifeline remains our focus – we constantly look to introduce technology advancements that help to enhance safety as well as drive efficiency. As a result of this continued customer focus, we have enhanced the MTP3000 Series and added two new radios to the family to make them even safer, tougher and easier to use than before.

The two new radios in the family, the MTP3500 and the MTP3550 add features needed by public safety and mission critical users, neatly fitting in to our TETRA radio portfolio between the existing MTP3000 Series radios and the MTP6000 Series.

The MTP3100 and MTP3150 are the entry level radios in the series, packing in all the TETRA essentials and providing an easy transition for end users from analogue to digital radio.

The MTP3200 and MTP3250 add features such as GPS, BeiDou or Glonass for location tracking; also included is secure Bluetooth for users who require a feature rich TETRA radio but in an easy to use package.

The MTP3500 and MTP3550 add man down, vibrate alert and end-to-end encryption to create fully featured TETRA radios.

At the same time all the radios in the MTP3000 Series have been made even more rugged and are now rated IP65/66/67. They can now also be used in any TETRA region supporting 350-470 MHz and 800 MHz. And for the same reason the radios now support BeiDou or Glonass as well as GPS.

From a lone worker at a power station, a paramedic responding to an emergency call or a police officer giving chase, the MTP3000 Series bring the assurance of industry leading audio quality, coverage and performance in a tough, user friendly design that meets a wide variety of operational needs and now has a radio that is right for each user.


Find out more about the the MTP3550

Tunde Williams is Head of Field and Solutions Marketing for Europe and Africa

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