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      Published Sep 22 2020, 9:41 AM by Matthew Hetherington

      The police service today faces unprecedented challenges; Increasing violent crime, both within society and against Police Officers, a rise in crimes such as fraud and cyber-crime and social/political unrest as a result of the Black Lives Matter protests, all in the setting of the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Meanwhile, the costs of crime prevention and investigation have increased against a backdrop of budget constraints which has cut the number of frontline officers and support services. For some Police Forces around the world this has driven a more strategic approach to technology acquisition and deployment, and as a result, these organisations are starting to deliver significant operational benefits through more effective policing and criminal justice services.

      In such a rapidly changing environment, existing practices and workflows that rely heavily on manual processes and disparate IT systems simply can’t cope. With data such as crime scene photography, Body Worn Video and CCTV footage stored on different systems, not to mention case files being held on paper, officers spend too much time chasing down information and updating multiple systems and too little time on the frontline. Likewise, control room operators often have to ‘swivel-chair’ manage, moving between information sources and interpreting each in turn. This causes delays in critical decision-making that can seriously compromise a response.
      The key is to harness new technology to ensure processes and systems work efficiently. That’s where our ecosystem comes in, the first and only mission-critical ecosystem built specifically for policing. It unifies information onto a single platform so teams get the information they need, when they need it. Imagine how much time an officer would save having to update just one single system instead of a dozen for a single incident. Or how quickly a control room operator could detect an incident and activate a response if all the information was right there in one single pane of glass.
      The new policing technology ecosystem must bring together control room software applications, digital evidence, video security and analytics and service-critical two-way radio communications into one seamless solution. With these elements working together, police forces can receive real-time data and video information from across the public safety landscape to support each stage of an incident lifecycle. Every police officer and dispatcher is connected and can see the full picture to effectively bring about a successful outcome
      It’s not all about the solution though. How you deploy and manage that solution is just as important. Today’s ICT projects are increasingly complicated, creating advanced environments that are capable of evolving to support a plethora of new devices, technologies and systems. Often the development of these ICT projects are hampered by having to manage multiple suppliers, each of which may cause additional complications. Utilising a single supplier can result in a lower risk project with improved outcomes for the customer, as well as simplified ongoing maintenance and development. 

      Navigating through these challenges requires technological expertise and, in the case of police forces, an understanding of how ecosystems work in a public safety environment. With over 90 years of service-critical experience in public safety, supporting over 100,000 emergency services, national security and enterprise customers around the world Motorola Solutions is an ideal partner to choose. We have Public Safety and Security running through our DNA, it’s our only market focus, and all our investments are concentrated on building our end-to-end policing technology ecosystem. 
      Having the right technology platform and partner on board enables you to address the issues you face now and helps prevent issues occurring in the future. It allows you to plan long term and continuously innovate with confidence so you can drive operational efficiency while optimising cost.
      For more about our mission-critical ecosystem and how it works, click here.





      David Shorland
      Sales Director at Motorola Solutions

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