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Stay connected via automated switch to broadband when outside of TETRA coverage


M-Radio control app

An alternative way of interacting with your TETRA radio


TETRA accessories

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MXP660 TETRA portable radio with LTE ー for frontline safety, today and tomorrow

Rugged and lightweight, the MXP660 is easy to carry and use. It contains AI-trained noise suppression technology, so your users can hear and be heard. It can use LTE and Wi-Fi broadband and your DIMETRA Connect gateway to keep your users connected with their TETRA features outside of TETRA coverage. The MXP660 also helps reduce your total cost of ownership, with over-the-air programming and the ability to reuse most of your MXP600 accessories.


Built-in LTE

Built-in LTE

Works with DIMETRA Connect

Works with DIMETRA Connect

AI-trained noise suppression

AI-Trained noise suppression

LTE and Wi-Fi over-the-air updates and programming

LTE and Wi-Fi over-the-air updates and programming

TETRA over-the-air programming

TETRA over-the-air programming

Bluetooth 5.2

Bluetooth® 5.2


NFC for fast, secure and easy Bluetooth® pairing


Compatible with most MXP600 accessories


Mission-Critical TETRA radio

MXP660 takes on the challenges of the front line. Its rugged design copes with extreme environments, and it has a long battery life.

Clarity of voice communication is critical to get vital messages across. Noise reduction technology, trained through AI machine-learning, is integrated in the MXP660 to suppress background noise and improve clarity of calls – so users can hear and be heard, even in noisy conditions.

Stay connected via built-in LTE and Wi-Fi

As a DIMETRA™ Connect-enabled TETRA device, the MXP660 can automatically switch to an available LTE or Wi-Fi network if there is weak or no TETRA coverage. Connectivity is maintained via a broadband network to the DIMETRA core via your DIMETRA Connect gateway.

DIMETRA Connect maintains your DIMETRA TETRA features over broadband. The switchover between TETRA and broadband is automatic and requires no user intervention - so your users can maintain their usual workflows.

Compact yet easy to use

The MXP660 is the smallest Class 3 capable TETRA radio with built-in LTE we’ve made, yet it still has a full keypad, large screen, T-bar style grip, a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and a battery that outlasts a shift. Three programmable side buttons provide access to frequently used functions; the emergency button is large and easy to operate, yet well protected from accidental activation; and there’s a tactile glove-friendly Push-to-talk (PTT) button for easy communication on the job.

Future-proof features protect your investment

The radio offers features for today and tomorrow, including collaboration through Bluetooth® 5.2; the M-Radio Control app; and the built-in LTE capability that enables TETRA communication over broadband using DIMETRA Connect.

Designed for low total cost of ownership

MXP660 helps reduce your total cost of ownership. Expensive and time-consuming radio management chores are streamlined with LTE, Wi-Fi and TETRA over-the-air-programming (OTAP), and over-the-air updates over LTE and Wi-Fi.

With an intuitive and familiar look and feel your users can get up and running quickly and easily with minimal training. And the MXP660 radio protects your existing investment by enabling you to reuse most of your MXP600 accessories.


Apps and services

M-Radio Control App

M-Radio Control App

Use the M-Radio Control app on a Bluetooth paired smartphone to control the MXP660. The app is particularly useful for deeper interaction with the radio, such as searching for talkgroups, sending status updates or SDS messages; while keeping the radio attached to the body or discreetly out of sight.

Services for MXP660 two-way radios

Enhanced warranty service package options provide a higher level of support, transferring the risk and responsibility to Motorola Solutions.


Product information

Software Features catalogue

Software Features catalogue

Details of licenced features to enhance your radio.

MXP660 brochure

MXP660 brochure

Read about the MXP660 multi-bearer portable TETRA radio.


MXP660 video

Introduction to MXP660 multi-bearer portable TETRA radio.

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Product Catalog

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