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The M-Radio Control app is available for Android™ smartphones and tablets, connecting to the MXP600 and MXM600 radios via Bluetooth®. The app has a range of Android home screen widgets for key functionality, providing users with information at a glance and one-touch access. The app is particularly useful for deeper interactions, such as searching for talkgroups, sending status updates or reading and replying to SDS messages.


Managing talkgroups and group calls

Users can easily search for a talkgroup in the app by inputting just a few letters, change a talkgroup or view recent talkgroups. Selecting a talkgroup in the app, instantly changes the talkgroup on the radio. Users can also see call details, including group name and ID of the current talker.

Making private calls

The app acts as a remote control for the radio, and can perform many functions such as quickly initiating or answering simplex/duplex Private Calls. The user still communicates in the traditional manner: via the radio’s microphone and loudspeaker or a connected headset.

Easy messaging

Smartphones and tablets are handy for reading and replying to text messages.

The M-Radio Control messaging widget, on the smartphone or tablet’s home screen, enables one touch access to SDS text messages. With new message alerts and easy-to-view threads, users can quickly review and respond to messages.

Searching for contacts

By syncing with the radio’s address book, the app allows easy contact management. Users can quickly view Recent Call lists, select contacts, initiate a Private Call and send text messages directly from the app. Searching for a contact is as simple as typing a few letters.


Product Information

M-RadioControl Datasheet

M-RadioControl Datasheet

Learn more about the M-RadioControl application.

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