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Humanitarian Solutions

Communication is one of the principal challenges humanitarians and NGOs face as they establish peacekeeping missions, engage in disaster planning and response or set about re-building infrastructures and economies.

The ability to reach the right people instantly is crucial to decision-making, co-ordinating operations and maximising efficiency - especially in situations where every second which passes can make the difference between life and death.

As they work more closely with affected communities, humanitarians also have to deal with vast amounts of information coming in from a multitude of sources and devices. How do they filter all this data and convert it into mission-critical intelligence?

Motorola Solutions has partnered with a number of humanitarian organisations, working on the ground to understand their particular needs. This insight has enabled us to develop a range of wireless voice and data solutions that deliver fast, reliable and intelligent communications without relying on existing infrastructure. These solutions are helping humanitarians around the world to predict, prevent and respond to disasters more effectively.

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