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From single site to scalable nationwide solutions, DIMETRATM TETRA is used by businesses and organisations all over the world including public safety agencies, public transport and utilities.

Trust the robust and resilient DIMETRA TETRA

Motorola Solutions has developed and delivered robust, reliable TETRA radio communication solutions for over twenty-five years with more than 1000 DIMETRA TETRA systems deployed in over 100 countries.

MTS Family

DIMETRA Technology

Based on the TETRA digital radio open standard and built to deliver the capacity, resilience and security needed for mission-critical communications.

Expand the capabilities of your DIMETRA System

You can enhance your TETRA network’s capabilities through network optimisation, licensed software features, dispatch communications as well as voice and data logging

TETRA Dispatch Communications

Whether your organization is large or small, with basic or complex needs, have the peace of mind that your dispatchers have the best tools available to respond quickly and effectively.

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Voice Logging

Retrieve audio and data from radio and telephony communications to help recreate incidents just as they happened.

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TRACES - TETRA Network Optimisation

Consolidates network data from multiple sources into a single view enabling operators and end-user organisations to view and evaluate network coverage and performance.

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DIMETRA TETRA Infrastructure Licenced software features

Enhance your DIMETRA Express or DIMETRA X Core system with additional capabilities to meet your operational needs.

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TETRA Security

TETRA Security

Secure your mobile communications with comprehensive TETRA encryption solutions

DIMETRA Services

DIMETRA Services

A comprehensive range of support services to maximise system uptime and availability, including: support, maintenance, training, security, and network management services.

See our DIMETRA customers' success from around the world.

The new TETRA system from Motorola Solutions meets our high demands for 24/7 service.

Ivan Periša

Director of the Power System Control Sector

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