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 Safe Hospitals


Ensure your hospital is resilient and can adapt to a wide spectrum of emergencies and operational disruptions. Explore a unified ecosystem combining voice, software, video and services, designed to help hospitals maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Effortless communication benefits patient care

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical centres, and care homes are complex environments where numerous functions must play their part. Technology tailored to the needs of teams ensures everyone has the tools to focus on their job.

Medical Teams

Medical teams cannot be distracted or delayed when focusing on patients, especially when it comes to requesting help or co-ordinating transfers. Communication devices and accessories that do not compromise Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are a must

Support Services and Facilities Management

Supporting functions are critical to the running of healthcare facilities. For housekeeping, maintenance and transportation instantaneous communication is a must to ensure treatment facilities are fully operational, clean and moving patients as needed.

Safety and Security

Protect healthcare workers and patients by strengthening your security team’s situational awareness with video monitoring and body-worn cameras. Remote monitoring and instant alerts reduce response times and prepare security for the situation.

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Technology to support patient care

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios for instant communication

Communicate instantly with MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios for clear, robust communication to increase safety and efficiency.

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Group Communications

WAVE PTX™ broadband push-to-talk for group communications

WAVE PTX™ keeps your teams connected by uniting different devices, on different networks across the one platform.

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Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras bring a boost personnel safety

Improve the safety of frontline and security workers should the unexpected happen by capturing events, sending alerts and actioning help in real-time.

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Video management and access control

Video management and access control for remote monitoring

Secure premises and keep staff and patients protected with video security, analytics and access control that keep you aware of everything that’s going on.

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Managed and Support Services

Managed and support services for peace of mind

With a choice of service packages to cover devices and infrastructure you not only protect your investment but ensure users are focused on their job, not the technology.

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