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Solving for safer utilities to help power neighbourhoods Solving for safer utilities to help power neighbourhoods Solving for safer utilities to help power neighbourhoods

Solving for safer utilities to help power neighbourhoods

Utilities require safety in the field, at facilities and throughout the community. Our safety and security ecosystem secures critical infrastructure while helping businesses thrive.


The pressure to increase energy output requires smooth and optimised operations. The right communication and security technology helps ensure demand is met because with a connected workforce and protected assets distractions and uncertainty are eliminated.

Empower Your Utility to Meet Escalating Demands

What difference can reliable, resilient and secure communication solutions bring to utilities? You gain greater safety and operational efficiency, while delivering continuous service to customers.

The Next Generation of Radio for Energy Generation and Distribution

Designed for tough and extreme environments, MOTOTRBO™ Ion includes always-on voice and broadband data capabilities, making it ideal for teams to stay connected in energy production and distribution operations.


For over 90 years Motorola Solutions has harnessed a portfolio of solutions you can rely on. Bringing together technology that provides your workforce with voice communications; data intelligence and visual monitoring to ensure high levels of productivity and safety.

Instant Communications

If output is unexpectedly interrupted there can be no delays to alerting and actioning your workforce. Push-to-talk two-way radios provide instantaneous communications with extensive coverage and data capabilities to relay vital information.

Group Communications

With a large mobile workforce working 24/7 to ensure energy supplies are always-on it’s crucial they remain within contact. WAVE PTX™ is a group communications broadband service that unifies different devices and networks onto one platform.

Video Security & Analytics

Widespread utility operations mean vital infrastructure is often in remote locations. Protecting these vulnerable assets from vandalism, or monitoring performance is essential. Video cameras remotely monitor premises and alert you to any threats.

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