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Crime analysis and investigation

“I uncover insights, identify trends, find connections and build the case.”

Turn data into intelligence to recognise activity patterns and accelerate investigations, better allocate resources and proactively address crime.

Put big data into action

Transform the vast amounts of information your agency collects into actionable intelligence.

Immediately visualize more data

Analyse national crime data, public records information, number plate hits and more - together.

Automatically connect the dots

Let technology do the heavy lifting for you by uncovering connections and trends so you can do more policing.

Create a data-driven culture

Inject intelligence into decisions across your organisation to improve outcomes and efficiency.

Analysis and Investigation Solutions

Transform data into intelligence that helps your team uncover actionable insights, improve resource planning and close more cases.

CommandCentral Analytics

Leverage your mass of data through role-based intelligence to identify crimes, track down leads and seamlessly share insights.

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Solve crime faster with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to investigate criminal activity and protect communities.

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Not all predictive analytics are created equal.


Revolutionising the fight against crime

Kissimmee, FL police department drives an economic resurgence with the help of crime analysis.

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Why are we reacting to the dots on the map? Let's try to prevent the dots and look ahead to stop crimes before they actually happen.

Chief Jeff O’Dell

Jeff O’Dell

Chief of Police, Kissimmee Police Department, FL

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