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Minimise Downtime and Extend the Lifespan of Your Devices with MOTOTRBO Service Offerings


Extend the protection of your MOTOTRBO radios against any type of damage, from wear and tear to accidental breakage.

Every second counts when running a business or responding to an emergency, and broken equipment is the last thing you need.  Components can fail and software can become outdated over time leading to some users losing communication with the rest of the team. 

Ensuring you have a plan in place to get communications flowing again is critical to a smooth-running business.

To maintain your MOTOTRBO radio so that it continues to operate at optimal levels, optional service packages are also available to provide extended and enhanced levels of protection including cover for accidental damage and wear and tear.

These extended coverage options complement the standard warranty, ensuring you get a higher level of support with a committed level of service – keeping your radio fleet protected for longer.

Learn more about MOTOTRBO Ion device services.


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DP1400, SL1600, SL2600, DM1000 AND DM2000 SERIES


DP2000e, DP3000e, DP4000e, DP4000 Ex, SL4000e AND DM4000e SERIES

Turnaround time stipulates the time taken in our central repair facility. It does not include shipping time.