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The public safety community faces new challenges -  doing more with less, managing technology transition and being able to turn abundant data into increased operational efficiency and better outcomes. Mission critical intelligence gives the emergency services the power to access information, stream video and collaborate in real time. By integrating voice communications, immersive data applications and robust security into purpose-built systems, devices and command centres, we can help dispatchers and frontline personnel work safer and smarter to improve real-time decision-making capabilities.

We offer tailored solutions for each of the emergency services. Explore this site to learn more about our solutions for UK police, ambulance and fire and rescue services.


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Frontline Online - Smarter Blue Light Services

This new research paper, published by Reform, finds that police, ambulance and fire services can respond more swiftly and accurately to emergency calls with access to better information on callers and situations. Read the paper to find out more....