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Empowering police forces with connected technology Empowering police forces with connected technology Empowering police forces with connected technology

Empowering police forces with connected technology

Enter our virtual crime scene to learn how our voice and video technology allows officers to arrive at a crime scene fully informed, enhancing safety for both those who serve, and those they protect.

Striving for safer communities

From the control room to the frontline, technology is pivotal in helping our first responders deliver a coordinated emergency response.

The Connected Officer: increasing trust and operational efficiency

Learn how integrated police technology is evolving the frontline response.

On the road and in control

Find out how integrated in-car video systems are offering critical support for officers when incidents unfold.

We're here to answer your questions on our products and services.

Policing Solutions

Improve connections and enhance protection for your team with our industry-leading policing software and technologies, built to meet the needs of the frontline.

Frontline body cameras

Body Cameras

From capturing irrefutable evidence to equipping your team with real-time information when it’s needed most, body cameras are essential technology for the forces.

Explore Body Cameras
Frontline in-car video systems

In-Car Video Systems

Keep a complete record of frontline interactions - even on the move. With our intuitive technology, you can document every incident from inside and outside the police vehicle, simultaneously analysing footage as it’s captured.

Explore In-Car Video Systems
Mobile policing applications

Mobile Policing Applications

Streamline operations with our mobile policing applications. Empower officers with instant access to information and a reduction in workflow duplication. They can make more informed decisions faster, and increase their presence in the community.

Explore Mobile Policing Applications
TETRA Portable Radios

TETRA Portable Radios

Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of TETRA portable terminal solutions to meet the unique requirements of public safety and police officers.

Explore TETRA Radios
Public Safety LTE Devices

Public Safety LTE Devices

Ensure your frontline officers get the right information delivered to them at the right time.

Explore Public Safety LTE
Two-Way Radio Accessories

Two-Way Radio Accessories

Unleash the full potential of your two-way radio with our accessories. From smart batteries and chargers to discreet surveillance earpieces and durable noise-cancelling headsets, equip users for every eventuality.

Explore Two-Way Radio Accessories

Mission Critical Ecosystem


The V500 strengthens every mission with limitless connections and real-time intelligence for a more collaborati


MXP600 TETRA Portable Two-way Radio.

ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio

The ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio is frontline-ready.

LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device

The LEX L11 is designed with first responders in mind.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

Improve the safety and accountability
of your frontline team.

CommandCentral Aware

Integrate data into a single
command and control interface.


APX N50 Single-band P25
Portable Two-way Radio.

Discover the force’s most trusted and advanced in-car video system.

Even in low-light conditions and high-speed incidents, capture more critical data with the L5M.

Police Case Studies & Resources

MXP600 TETRA Portable Two-way Radio.

Robust and lightweight, yet fully
capable, the MXP600 helps the
frontline work efficiently.

M500 in-car video system

Built for the frontline, the M500 records
and analyses evidence, whilst
monitoring vehicle activity.

Body cameras

From minimising attacks, to securing
convictions, learn how body
cameras are supporting our forces.

VB400 body camera

Stay protected, keep accountable. Gather evidence whilst deterring aggression with the VB400.

VB400 buyers guide

Find out about the specifications of
the VB400 body camera and
its associated accessories.

Cost-efficient Tetra optimisation for the City Of Cape Town.

Transforming public safety communications in Europe and Africa.

Delivering real-time collaboration
across devices and networks.

Police radios and body cameras

Understand the benefits of police
radios and body cameras with this quick guide.

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