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Moving people and cargo safely and on time becomes easier when it’s supported by the right communication and security solutions.

Communications Solutions That Go The Distance

Whether you operate a public transport or logistics network its success relies on high levels of team collaboration to protect schedules and customer satisfaction. The right voice and data communication solutions ensure networks are operating at their most efficient.

Connect at the Speed of Today’s Operations

Keeping team members connected is critical to today’s businesses. Now there is an integrated communications solution that allows workers to connect across any device, from any location, instantly.

Hyperconnected and Secure Transportation and Logistics Operations

With MOTOTRBO™ Ion, teams stay connected across networks and devices, business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified, and the capabilities that your workforce needs to be at their best are always on.

Safe Airports Virtual Experience


Safe Airports Virtual Experience

Which communication solutions are right for your transport network?

Transportation Communication Solutions

Accelerate productivity and coordinate the movement of passengers and cargo with clear and continuous communications. Discover our solutions for Land, Sea and Air...

Rail Transportation

Whether you are keeping the trains running on time or responding to an incident on the track, it is imperative that your communications network is reliable. Real time monitoring and management of your system helps to ensure you are ahead of any issues.

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Air Transportation

With increasing passenger numbers and heightened security airports have to move people through terminals with precision. This flawless coordination is achieved by optimising resource allocation; our communication solutions work towards this goal.

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Sea Transportation

Precise co-ordination and unwavering safety measures are the foundations for maritime transportation. Everyday operations as well as surges and extreme peak pressure on port operations requires a synchronised workforce, therefore communication is key.

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Delivery and Logistics

Optimise your vehicles to service the supply chain and ultimately, your customers. Applications that track vehicles and shipments enable more on-time and accurate deliveries. Drivers are safer, costs are lower, and customers are satisfied.

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We know we can rely on Motorola Solutions’ Dimetra IP TETRA system whatever the circumstances.

Reinhard Renja

Reinhard Renja

Project Manager, Rheinbahn AG

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