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 Safe Education


Learning doesn’t stop in challenging circumstances. Safety doesn’t either. That’s why we launched Safe Schools and Universities, a unified ecosystem of voice, software, video and services to help educators better respond to everyday and unexpected incidents.


For students to get the most out classes they need to run smoothly and without disruption but that requires significant effort and co-ordination between background functions such as facilities, security and frontline teaching staff.

Enhancing Communications During Social Distancing

Two-way radio provides instant communication between individuals and teams, helping workers effectively cooperate and communicate whilst maintaining social distancing.

Safeguarding Students and Staff Across Campus

With the deployment of MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radios, repeaters and accessories this university gained wide-area coverage for clear and continuous communication across security.

Resources to work more safely and efficiently

Communicating across schools, colleges and universities during COVID-19

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For over 90 years Motorola Solutions has harnessed a portfolio of solutions you can rely on. Bringing together technology that provides your workforce with voice communications; data intelligence and visual monitoring to ensure high levels of co-ordination and safety.

Instant Communications

If there’s a breakage or an incident occurs there can be no delay in alerting those who can resolve the situation. Push-to-talk two-way radios provide instantaneous communications with extensive coverage and data capabilities to relay vital information

Group Communications

Rigorous co-ordination across multiple functions keeps classrooms running smoothly. WAVE PTX™ broadband push-to-talk is a group communications service that eliminates communication barriers by unifying different devices and networks onto one platform

Video Security & Analytics

A campus can cover a wide area and premises are often out of sight. Monitoring for incidents to safeguard students and staff whilst also protecting buildings from vandalism is essential. Video cameras offer that 24 hour protection

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