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P25 applications

Get more from your mission-critical system.

Add the intelligence to operate more efficiently and collaborate more effectively over wider areas.

Unlock more value from your network

ASTRO 25 system is designed for secure, reliable communications. It's the ideal platform for mission-critical data applications.

Programming over Project 25 (POP25)

Ensure your radios are updated with the latest software and configuration, without compromising your everyday communications.

Talkgroup text messaging

Improve dispatcher efficiency and officer safety. This feature allows you to broadcast high-priority text messages to all radios in a talkgroup.

Over-the-air rekeying

Maintain your communications confidentiality, through secure and efficient distribution of encryption key updates.

Alias group download

Update alias IDs quickly and easily, every time a radio is passed from one user to another. This feature can update all radios in a talkgroup with the push of a button.

APX Personnel Accountability

Show Incident Command who's on-scene, what 
they're doing, how long they’ve been working and whether they're okay.

ASTRO 25 Advanced Messaging

Send and receive messages and run database queries directly from your radio. Send BOLOs, Amber Alerts or Severe Weather notifications to individuals or groups.

Interested in learning more about our ASTRO 25 applications and solutions?

Stephen Hotwagner

I know their names and their departments, even from two towns away. It makes firefighters feel confident that they are being watched.

Stephen Hotwagner

Fire Chief, Midlothian Fire Department

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