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Committed to our vision and culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to our business

We cultivate a company culture where fairness and belonging are paramount so that each and every Motorolan can bring forward their best and brightest ideas.

Our focus areas

Our people are our most important asset, and the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is always a top priority and embedded into our business goals. We actively seek globally diverse individuals, opinions, cultures and abilities to expand our talent pool, drive innovation and support our customers, communities and each other.

Diverse people

Build a diverse, high-performing workforce drawn from all segments of our global society and represented at all levels across our company.

Equitable & inclusive culture

Foster a supportive, fair and equitable environment where employees feel they belong, are engaged, connected to our business and invested in our collective success.

Global reach

Enable a philosophy where DEI is integrated into operations, decisions, supply chain and philanthropic work, to support our communities and deliver innovative and responsible products.

Motorola Diversity

DEI is a mindset that influences our strategy and puts people first.

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Our Values

Our company values drive everything we do, both for our employees and our customers. More than just words, they are the traits that define us.


We foster inclusion, equity and diversity to support our customers, communities and each other.


We constantly create ingenious solutions to the real challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.


We meet challenges with energy and determination, always pursuing ever-higher standards.


We keep it simple by focusing on what matters most so we can seize opportunities with speed and confidence.


We stand behind the work we do, the contributions we make and the high business standards we maintain.


We work with our customers to address obstacles before they become challenges.

2020 global diversity data by gender

Global employees

Global employees

Men 75%

Women 25%

Vice Presidents

Vice presidents

Men 79%

Women 21%



Men 80%

Women 20%

2020 U.S. diversity data by ethnicity and race

<b>US employees</b>

U.S. employees

White 68%

People of color 32%

Asian 15%

Hispanic or Latinx 9%

Black or African American 6%

Other 2%

us vp

U.S. vice presidents

White 78%

People of color 22%

Asian 17%

Hispanic or Latinx 5%

Black or African American 0%

Other 0%


U.S. directors

White 77%

People of color 23%

Asian 12%

Hispanic or Latinx 6%

Black or African American 3%

Other 2%


Across the globe we conduct various analyses of pay equity. This Gender Pay Gap report highlights the results of one analysis in the UK as required.

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Explore our business councils

LBGTQ+ Business Council

Provide the LGBTQ+ community with support, advocacy, and networking opportunities. Actively help to attract, retain and develop LGBTQ+ people and raise awareness and educate to increase ally engagement.

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Multicultural Business Council

Leverage multicultural backgrounds to increase business acumen and offer development opportunities, inspiring employees and fostering DEI across the company.

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People with Disabilities and Allies Council

Ensure accessibility in the work environment and increase education and awareness of different disabilities, in order to promote a positive work environment that enables employees and prospective employees to thrive.

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Veteran’s Business Council

Increase awareness of the value veterans provide in the workplace and demonstrate our company’s commitment to those who serve in the military. Focus on veteran recruitment, engagement and development opportunities.

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Women’s Business Council

Empower, develop and elevate the women of MSI by providing community and connections to enable success while remaining focused on meeting our company’s business objectives. We rise, inspire and thrive together.

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Young Professionals Group

Build the networks & careers of all young professionals at MSI through engaging events and initiatives, whether young in age or young at heart we support all.

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Connect with a career that matters.

Explore careers

Supplier diversity ensures equitable opportunities.

Beyond compliance, we recognize that an inclusive supply chain introduces agility, creativity and innovation into the technology and solutions we deliver to our customers around the world.

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We all play a role to ensure that Motorola Solutions is a fair and equitable environment where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic self to work. Because it’s only when every employee feels they belong that we can rise to our full potential.

Greg Brown, Motorola Solutions Chairman & CEO

Signed the “CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion” pledge on behalf of Motorola Solutions

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