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Portable TETRA radio with Wi-Fi



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DIMETRA Connect maintains your TETRA features over broadband

A DIMETRA TETRA radio network is designed for excellent coverage, but when users with a DIMETRA Connect-enabled device need to go outside the boundaries of their TETRA network, they can stay connected over broadband to your TETRA core via your DIMETRA Connect gateway. The switch between TETRA and broadband is automatic and requires no user intervention, so your users can maintain their vital voice and data communications and usual workflows.


Maintains TETRA features over broadband

Maintains TETRA features over broadband

Switchover needs no user intervention

Switchover needs no user intervention

Multi-layered security

Multi-layered security

Automatic switch back to TETRA when available

Automatic switch back to TETRA when available

Example uses of DIMETRA Connect and a DIMETRA Connect-enabled device

Indoor / in-building coverage

DIMETRA Connect users can use available LTE or in-building Wi-Fi to extend coverage into buildings or underground and stay connected to the TETRA network and their colleagues.

• A firefighter in a building
• A police officer working in a police station

Stay connected outside of TETRA coverage

If your radio users go beyond the range of your DIMETRA network’s geographic coverage, they can use their DIMETRA Connect-enabled TETRA device to communicate over broadband.

• An airport worker has TETRA coverage around the airfield - but not at remote locations beyond the airport’s LMR coverage.
• Radio users working in an underground railway should have great coverage underground but may have limited coverage above ground.
• Users working beyond their country or state border.

Dead spot mitigation

As with any wireless network, coverage dead spots can occur in areas such as built-up cities, parking garages, or hilly terrain. With DIMETRA Connect a user’s DIMETRA Connect-enabled device automatically uses available broadband to stay connected.

• A police officer working between tall buildings in a city
• A paramedic dealing with an incident in a valley


Product information

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DIMETRA Connect brochure

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