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Do more than just detect Do more than just detect Do more than just detect

Do more than just detect

See how the Hammond Indiana Police Department uses
number plate recognition technology to
lower crime and enhance community safety.

Alert. Analyse. Automate.

ANPR systems take photos of vehicles, capturing number plate data as well as date, time and GPS coordinates. Detections can trigger a real-time alert to improve situational awareness, be searched and analysed for investigative insight and leveraged to automate processes such as traffic enforcement or access control. So what makes our systems better?

Reliable performance

Our high-performing hardware, software and algorithms have been refined from years of experience.

Flexible deployment

Select from ANPR systems that aren’t one-size fits all, but rather designed for specific environmental needs.

End-to-end solutions

We build more than just number plate recognition cameras. Our purpose-built applications for both law enforcement and enterprise ensure your data is actionable and secure.

Glendale PD Real-Time Crime Center

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology fights crime in real-time in Glendale, AZ

Using a combination of fixed and mobile ANPR camera systems, Glendale Police Department has generated evidence for homicide investigations, recovered stolen vehicles and much more.

Automatic number plate recognition systems

We offer a variety of ANPR systems, purpose-built for your needs. Each incorporates our best-in-class optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm and pairs with our application-specific software for an end-to-end solution.

L6Q Number Plate Recognition Camera System

Jumpstart or expand your camera network with this affordable, easy-to-deploy-anywhere number plate camera system.

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L5F Fixed Number Plate Recognition Camera System

Capture more ANPR data than ever before with precision license plate scanning on your high-speed, high-volume roadways.

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L5M Mobile Number Plate Recognition Camera System

Create instant awareness on the road with a system that is deployable on almost any vehicle and intuitive for any driver.

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Vigilant VehicleManager:
Turn number plates into leads

Empower your team with the number plate recognition tools you expect, plus patented search functionality, vehicle location analytics and increased access to number plate detection data with simplified agency-defined data retention - completely controlled by you.

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