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Glendale Case Study

Glendale PD uses technology to fight crime and increase efficiency

About Glendale, Arizona

Glendale Police Department, serving 250,000+ residents, has implemented a Real-Time Crime Center and City Watch program that speeds response times, bridges safety gaps for local businesses and helps the department operate more efficiently through real-time intelligence.

How license plate recognition (LPR) technology fights crime in real-time

Using a combination of fixed and mobile LPR systems, Glendale Police Department has generated evidence for homicide investigations, recovering stolen vehicles and much more.

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Technology integration leads to success in the Real-Time Crime Center

With so many systems available, integration of technology is key to having an efficient workflow. By integrating CAD, Records, LPR, Analytics, and Radio into Command Central Aware, Glendale has greatly increased efficiency and effectiveness.

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Investigations are enhanced with Real-Time Crime Center technology

Whether it be verifying witness statements or filtering vehicle types, patrol officers and detectives can now leverage real-time tools to enhance their investigations. “Technology has made us better,” says Chief Briggs.

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Building a public/private partnership through the City Watch program

Live access to local business camera footage has greatly increased the effectiveness and efficiency of protecting community businesses. Employees feel safer. Customers feel safer. Police have better access and faster response times. Everyone Wins.

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Glendale Police Real-Time Crime Center

Learn more about Glendale’s integrations and how they increased efficiency and community trust

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We’re now taking community policing to a whole new level and we’re doing it with technology.

Chief Chris Briggs

Chief Chris Briggs

Glendale Police Department

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