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Bring clarity to decisions and simplify collaborative workflows Bring clarity to decisions and simplify collaborative workflows Bring clarity to decisions and simplify collaborative workflows

Bring clarity to decisions and simplify collaborative workflows

From call to case closure, Motorola Solutions’ command center software connects public safety data and accelerates workflows for improved outcomes.

Public safety software that works the way you do

Keep your command center running at peak efficiency with the industry's only complete, 360° incident view. Unify workflows and leverage innovative integrations with solutions built for, and with, public safety organizations across the globe.

Know what matters, when it matters

In the command center and out in the field, the most up-to-date information is critical to enable the fastest, safest and most appropriate response to calls for service. Design a secure system for immediate data sharing across call handling, dispatch, response, records, evidence and corrections workflows so your organization’s teams can collaborate seamlessly in the moments that matter.

End-to-end command center public safety software

Motorola Solutions delivers stable, secure and innovative public safety software solutions so you can respond with the confidence that you have the most complete information, from call to case closure.

Community Engagement

Discover mobile solutions that offer a single touchpoint to build trust and transparency with your community.

NG9-1-1 Call Management

Respond faster and reduce the strain on critical personnel with NG9-1-1 call management solutions.

Voice & Computer-Aided Dispatch

Easily manage incidents with a CAD system that integrates agency data for the most appropriate response. 

Real-Time Intelligence Operations

Build real-time intelligence into your operations and deliver actionable insights to the field. 

Field Response and Reporting

Keep police officers, firefighters and first responders focused and efficient by enabling them to quickly communicate with dispatch, and to easily capture information in the field without returning to headquarters.

Records & Evidence Management

Easily manage data from across your operations with a secure and integrated records and evidence management system.

Crime Analysis and Investigation

Utilize crime analytics to recognize activity patterns and accelerate investigations, better allocate resources and proactively address crime.

Transform your public safety operations

Innovation throughout your workflow

Our public safety software unifies workflows and provides the innovation agencies need to meet the challenges of modern policing.

Feature-rich. Future-ready.

Leverage proven solutions for your complete public safety workflow with the confidence in their ability to meet your agency's evolving needs. Our hybrid approach delivers innovative cloud features alongside solutions depended on by public safety organizations worldwide.

Optimize your workflows

Easily add value to your system with cloud-connected features deployed when and where it makes the most sense for your workflows.

Control your timeline

Meet compliance requirements, align with leadership needs and work within your budget by adopting cloud-deployed features at your own pace.

Protect your data

Feel confident with redundant systems and data locations that reduce risk and increase confidence that your technology works regardless of where it resides.

PremierOne Public Safety Software PremierOne Public Safety Software PremierOne Public Safety Software

PremierOne public safety suite

Proven to meet the software needs of the most demanding operational environments, PremierOne delivers the highest level of functionality for public safety.

  • Resilient and designed for full redundancy and availability through no single point of failure.
  • Feature-rich to meet the ever-changing operational requirements of public safety agencies.
  • Flexible to allow agencies to work the way they want to work and to support changes in operations.
  • Originally built and regularly tested for security to help agencies stay ahead of cyber threats.

Flex public safety suite

With 40 years of partnership with public safety, Flex is designed with off-the-shelf configurability and complete system integration for real-time data sharing.

  • Complete system integration with products that were originally engineered for interconnectivity.
  • Using an open, centralized database, all information is entered, stored and extracted in real time.
  • Over 60 off-the-shelf modules enable flexibility for public safety organizations.
  • Multi-jurisdictional data sharing capabilities allow multiple agencies to exchange information.
Rave mobile safety suite Rave mobile safety suite Rave mobile safety suite

Rave mobile safety suite

Public safety agencies rely on the Rave mobile safety suite for purpose-built applications to enable emergency notifications, manage critical incidents, and improve response times.

  • Provide timely and targeted multimodal notifications
  • Interconnect public, private and 9-1-1 response teams
  • Enhance emergency preparedness and response
  • Automate and digitize standard operating procedures
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Streamline Your Public Safety Operations

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