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Welcome to the Supplier Portal


The Supplier Portal provides access to the systems and processes we use to order, make and deliver products and services to our customers. 

Valued Partner and Collaboration Solutions

The portal enhances collaboration and allows our suppliers to:

  • Request MSI credentials to access supplier solution applications
  • Register for access to MSI supplier solution applications
  • Login to MSI supplier solution applications
  • Access training materials
  • Request supplier support 

You will also find access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and general supplier communications.

User Registration

Register to Use MSI Supplier Solutions

PLEASE NOTE: If you are part of the Procure to Pay  Systems Transformation DAY1 Onboarding Group, the user registration steps have been completed as part of the Go-Live efforts for the coming system update.

1. If you are new to the MSI Supplier Portal, and your company is already registered (i.e. an MSI supplierID has been issued), use the registration link below to apply for MSI credentials:

    Step 1: Registration – MSI Credentials
    Note: MSI credentials will allow you to use the same password for supplier solutions that use the Motorola Applications Directory Password. Use the quick reference aid to navigate the registration site.

If your company is not currently registered with MSI, please work with your MSI contact to request a supplierID.


2. If you already have MSI credentials, use the Supplier Apps Registration login if you would like to:

    • Request access to Oracle Supplier Apps: iSupplier, Collaborative Planning, Sourcing or Agile 
    • View the status of your Supplier Apps request

    Step 2: Supplier Apps Registration
    Note: A Supplier ID (7 digits) will be required to access the Apps Registration tool. Use the quick reference aid to navigate the registration site.

     Apps Registration - User (link coming soon)

Solution Applications


iSupplier structures supplier communication through a secure internet-based portal, provides access to real-time information such as purchase orders and invoice payments, and enables supplier response with order acknowledgment and shipment notices.


  • Allows real-time, integrated view of supplier information: PO, ASNs, shipments, receiving, and invoice and payment status 
  • Supplier self-registration (by invitation) and self-service to maintain your own data (eg banking, contacts) 
  • Direct Material suppliers will also view demand forecast in Collaborative Planning within iSupplier 
  • Direct Material suppliers will enter and maintain lead times, MOQ, etc for production parts 
  • Services suppliers must enter work confirmations when they have completed services to trigger the receipt 
  • Corrective actions for quality issues will be entered in iSupplier 
  • Suppliers can enter their invoices in iSupplier, automatically matches to an open PO


Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning (CP) is a web-based application that provides advanced capabilities for communicating, planning, and optimizing supply and demand information.


  • Oracle Collaborative Planning will replace Trading Partner Collaboration (TPC) for demand sharing and supplier commitments 
  • 18-month horizon shared vs. current TPC horizon of 12 months 
  • In Collaborative Planning, suppliers will receive net demand in the form of planned orders. These planned orders are defined as supply required by the planning module in Oracle and already consider safety stock 
  • Suppliers are required to provide commitments throughout the horizon - against open POs in iSupplier and then CP for the balance 
  • Mass update capability is available for CP.



Agile PLM is MSI’s Product Lifecycle Management manufactured by Oracle. Agile manages the many changes a hardware or software product undergoes, from design and development through ultimate retirement or disposal.


  • Streamlines collaboration between partners and MSI 
  • Partners can manage the status of Engineering changes using a newly designed Supplier Dashboard 
  • Partners can easily upload environmental data using a web tool hosted in Agile PLM 
  • Full Integration of the Product Change Notification process into Agile replacing TPC-PCN 
  • MSI design and manufacturing partners can submit engineering change requests directly in Agile PLM, greatly increasing collaboration and reducing email requests



Oracle Sourcing facilitates collaboration and negotiation on existing goods and services as well as new opportunities (RFQ, RFP and Auction)


  • Can be used for any type of sourcing event: direct, indirect, goods and services 
  • In use today in our current Oracle environment 
  • Facilitates qualifying and maintaining suppliers and conducting negotiations 
  • Will have the ability to invite RFQ-only suppliers 
  • Better integrated process from RFx to PO means fewer opportunities for error



Transcepta is a cloud-based, third-party service to support Purchase Orders, PO acknowledgements, advanced ship notices, and invoices.


  • Transcepta will replace OB10/Tungsten for eInvoicing 
  • Free to suppliers (by invitation) 
  • Will handle electronic transmission of PO’s and invoices for high-volume suppliers 
  • Transcepta will coordinate on-boarding with suppliers, including training


Punchout Catalog

Enables Motorola Solutions buyers to click a link within their iProcurement solution, connect to a supplier-managed catalog to find items on a supplier’s site and place those items into the buyer’s shopping cart. The ability to access remote catalogs using Punchout benefits both supplier and buyer.


  • Online service managed by Oracle that provides electronic messaging services
  • One-time setup for suppliers, who will then be able to easily send catalogs to our system via Oracle Supplier Network (OSN)
  • Suppliers can push the catalog file to OSN. The push process can be an automated process - the supplier’s system posts the catalog file to the URL available in OSN - or the supplier can come on-site and directly upload the file in OSN.
  • To begin integration, suppliers will need to register at the OSN website. An MSI technical team will then respond.

Training Materials

MSI Training materials help explain the functionality offered by our supplier solutions:

  • Computer simulations: Watch and learn and interactive modes 
  • Course slide decks: Conceptual material, including business scenarios, how-to demonstrations and diagrams 
  • Job aids: Information on performing a task, including high-level summaries and checklists

Training Material

Note: To access the training site, you will need the credentials identified in the training registration email provided by the MSI Supplier onboarding team.  If you have issues accessing the site, please use the support tab and select the MSI Global Supplier Onboarding team link so MSI can collaborate with you.


Videos and Webinars

  • Procure to Pay Systems Transformation Supplier Communication Session - January 2017

    An overview of the training approach, and what to expect as part of the training registration. Milestones regarding OB10 transition and Transcepta solution are also shared to ensure our Procure to Pay Systems Transformation DAY1 Onboarding Group is well informed as we integrate our suppliers to our upcoming Oracle system update.


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Supplier Support

Supplier Support Teams provide support to our valued supplier partners during normal business hours.