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Reliable communication, now with voice assistance

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Stay connected and on-task with a radio that delivers cutting-edge, distraction-eliminating features in a simple, user-friendly design. Curve will not slow you or your team down.

Wi-Fi meets PTT

Curve integrates radio-based push-to-talk with Wi-Fi-powered cloud connectivity, giving you simple, clear voice communications and intuitive features.

Communicate with ease

Powered by the device’s Wi-Fi capabilities, Curve’s Voice Assistant creates easy and efficient access to many features with a simple voice command.

Communicate with Curve

Curve’s multi-color LED status indicator shows you how your Curve is operating, making communication even easier for you and your team.

Access legacy features

With Curve’s programmable top button comes access to both new and legacy two-way radio features. All available to be programmed to your preference.

Built for business

Curve's familiar form factor and antenna, strategically placed for increased accessibility, give you a device that is easy to hold and easy to use.

Managed by you

Manage your devices in one place: the Curve Portal, a device and user management system for you to monitor, track and organize Curve.

Experience Curve’s Voice Assistant

Curve’s Voice Assistant helps you and your team stay focused, connected and productive from the beginning to the end of shift with the simple touch of a button and a voice command.

Curve Voice Assistant Button

Seamlessly log in and out with the Voice Assistant

  • Log in Jane, PIN 1234
  • Jane logged in
  • Log out Jane
  • Jane logged out, goodbye

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Curve Voice Assistant Button

Place a Call

  • Call John Smith
  • John Smith, private call available

Discover what Curve can do for your business

Get the details
Curve Voice Assistant Button

Send and Receive Voicemail

  • Send message to John Smith
  • John Smith ready
  • Play messages
  • You have 1 new message
  • New message from Jane
  • Hi John, excellent sales performance today! Keep up the great work.

Discover what Curve can do for your business

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Maximize your team’s productivity with Curve and the Voice Assistant.

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Seamlessly manage devices with the Curve Portal

Manage your devices in one place: the Curve Portal. This platform, developed specifically for Curve, features a hierarchical management system for stores and resellers, giving increased visibility to resellers. Users can manage employee profiles, radios and permissions with ease.

The portal takes advantage of Curve’s Wi-Fi capabilities and can provide real-time, radio-based key performance indicators and metrics, which can be used to track radio and personnel productivity.

Understand how the Curve Portal works

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