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Law Enforcement Communications Solutions

Increase contextual awareness, accelerate responsiveness, improve decision-making and make your city safer.

Every time you exit your vehicle, enter a building, knock on a door or engage with a citizen, you enter the unknown.  You don’t know who or what you are dealing with. Your safety and the community you serve are your first priorities.

Law Enforcement requires real-time information for better situational awareness and more informed decisions in the field and at the command center.  Mission critical intelligence gives law enforcement the power to access information, stream video and collaborate in real time.  By integrating unparalleled voice communications, immersive data applications and robust security into purpose-built systems, devices and command centers, we help dispatchers and responders work safer and smarter to improve real-time decision-making capabilities.

How to Buy


  • Mobile Intelligence

    Harness the increasing flood of data and make cities safer by unifying and simplifying the technology law enforcement personnel use to communicate across different applications networks and devices.


    Uncover more actionable insights. CommandCentral Analytics leverages mass amounts of data to deliver role-based intelligence that helps identify crime trends, track down leads and better allocate resources.

  • Body-Worn Video Solution

    The relationship between law enforcement and the community is predicated on trust, and few things fortify that trust like video evidence.

  • Connected Law Enforcement Officer

    Give officers devices and applications they need to access reliable, real-time information that allows them to act more efficiently and stay safe.

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