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Reduce the spread of retail crime and violence against employees Reduce the spread of retail crime and violence against employees Reduce the spread of retail crime and violence against employees

Reduce the spread of retail crime and violence against employees

Improve the safety of your staff with a body camera platform that deters crime while capturing evidence

Meet the VT100 retail body camera

The VT100 body camera has a lightweight and discreet, customer-friendly design with a range of mounting options suitable for virtually any style of uniform and clothing. It’s easy to use, and requires minimal staff training. Activate a live video stream from the body camera to the control center for maximum situational awareness.

Get the full context of an event

Gain more context of an incident by viewing it directly from your staffs perspective. Press record on the VT100 delivers a live video feed to the control room for a faster response.

Customer-friendly appearance

The VT100’s front tag is customizable to help you achieve consistency with your store's brand identity and uniform. Secure the unit easily with its lightweight, unobtrusive design.

Extremely easy-to-use

Staff will feel protected with the VT100's simple operation and long battery life. Video is secured on the body camera to protect the integrity of your footage and support data compliance.

Discover the VB400 security body camera

The VB400 body camera is intended to support your employees when dealing with aggression or confrontations on a daily basis, it enables trust between your team and the public by providing an unbiased independent witness.

Simple camera checkout

Check out your camera within 4-5 seconds! Simply swipe your ID card or tag on the RFID reader to be allocated a camera ensuring it is assigned to you for the duration of your shift.

Makes recording effortless

In hospitals anything can happen in the heat of the moment. Having recording triggers from the two-way radio can capture video in critical situations.

Ease of use

With its ergonomic design and simple workflows, the VB400 is easy to use day-to-day and can capture high-quality evidential video when it matters most.

A retail body camera designed to keep employees and customers safe

The role of a retail employee can be challenging, coping with demanding customers and workplace violence.
The VT100 body camera is a perfect companion for a customer-facing role while the VB400 body camera will support security personnel with deterring aggression in the moment and capturing evidence for the future.

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Learn how body cameras offer a safer environment

With the emergence of body cameras, retailers have a powerful tool to enhance workplace safety and create a secure environment for their staff....

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VT100 and Curve

The power of video and voice in retail

The connection between body cameras and radios enables quick coordination among staff members to facilitate swift responses to emergency situations...

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Unlock a connection with Avigilon Unity Video

The VB400 retail body camera and Avigilon Unity Video software present a unified approach to strengthening security measures that empower personnel...

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From capture to closure, all in one

Deployable on-premises or in the cloud, VideoManager EX makes it easier to handle your body camera's media and share it with investigators and the court system.

Align your system to your needs

VideoManager’s flexibility encompasses both initial deployment and everyday use - so there’s always a solution which is right for your business.

View real-time video

Monitor your store in a new way. Extend your fixed video footprint with a first person perspective by livestreaming your body cameras.

Keep your data secure

Cutting-edge security protocols keep your information safe at every stage by restricting who can access your system and what they can do on it.

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