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APX P25 Portable Radios

Keep personnel and communities safer with digital P25 radio solutions. Save lives by saving time.

Mission-critical operations depend on the performance and reliability of uncompromising communications. This is why we built the APX™ P25 two-way radios with sophisticated technology, toughness and precise ergonomic controls.

Our broad APX portfolio includes everything from affordable single-band radios and ultra-rugged firefighter radios to all-band radios with advanced touch and voice assistant user interfaces.

All our radios are certified to the APCO Project 25 (P25) digital two-way radio standard, and offer guaranteed interoperability with other agencies and organizations using P25.

How to Buy

  • APX NEXT XN All-Band P25 Smart Radio

    APX NEXT XN is NFPA 1802 certified to bring performance advancements and new intelligence to a firefighter’s lifeline. Available in all-band and single-band configurations.

  • APX NEXT XE All-Band P25 Smart Radio

    APX NEXT XE brings performance advancements to a firefighter’s lifeline and new intelligence into extreme environments. Available in multi-band and single-band configurations.

  • APX NEXT All-Band P25 Smart Radio

    APX NEXT brings performance advancements to every aspect of the police radio experience, to keep responders safe and effective. Available in single-band and multi-band configurations.

  • APX™ 900 P25 Portable Radio

    Focused on efficiency, with quality P25 features in an easy to-use-design, the APX 900 is ideal for government services and public works organizations who need a great value P25 radio.

  • SRX 2200 Enhanced Combat Radio

    The enhanced SRX 2200 P25 single-band portable radio supports WiFi, Adaptive Audio Engine and Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology without compromising the combat form factor or features.

  • APX Device Management Services

    Ensure peak performance of your radios with a continuum of programming and management services.

  • Discontinued

    Motorola discontinued products are no longer available but information is available for reference. Get support for your discontinued products.

Experience Motorola Solutions


  • APX Radio Family Brochure

    Learn about the full line of APX P25 radios from Motorola Solutions. APX radios are designed to be reliable and to optimize your communications in extreme environments and during life-threatening situations.

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