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Two-way Radios

Discover the Motorola Solutions difference.

Trusted for decades by millions of customers in thousands of organizations, in countries and industries all around the world, we deliver the best push-to-talk communications technology to connect your teams. 

From no-compromise police radios to sleek business handhelds to family-friendly two-way radios, we have the right product to keep you safer and more effective. 

How to Buy

  • two-way radios

    Project 25 Radios

    Mission-critical radio products, purpose-built for First Responders and businesses who cannot compromise. The legendary APX series of radios combines sophisticated technology with incredible toughness and precise ergonomic controls.

  • DMR (MOTOTRBO) Radios

    Operations-critical radio products, designed for professional and commercial communications. The comprehensive portfolio of digital MOTOTRBO devices includes rugged portables, sophisticated mobiles and sleek handhelds.

  • On-site Business Radios

    On-Site Two-Way Business Radios

    Short-range commercial-grade radios for smaller organizations with simple requirements. A selection of cost-effective analog or digital handheld devices that allow your staff to stay connected.

  • Analog Business Radios

    Analog Two-Way Business Radios

    Traditional two-way radios, for organizations who have not made the transition to digital technology. From low-power pocket-sized radios to traditional rugged handhelds, these products keep your organization communicating effectively.

  • Consumer Two-way Radios

    Whether you have a taste for adventure in the wilderness, or need to supplement your disaster/emergency preparedness, our range of consumer two-way radios can help you keep your family and friends safe.

  • Two-Way Radio Accessories

    Two-way Radio Accessories

    Unleash the full potential of your two-way radio with accessories from our extensive portfolio. From smart batteries and chargers to discreet surveillance earpieces and durable noise-cancelling headsets, you can equip yourself for every eventuality.