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With our proven solutions, strengthen and streamline your security operations from detection through response and resolution to keep your teams safe and your organizations efficient and secure.

Improve operations, incident response and communications

Easily map incidents and personnel, capture and report incident details, communicate across any device or network as well as automate your security operations workflows.

Operational awareness

Know what’s happening with key insights, recognize major events and quickly find what you’re looking for on one map to better protect people, property and assets.

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Dispatch management

Getting the right information to the right people, quickly and accurately, greatly improves outcomes. Relay information to employees and teams using text, voice and email, based on operational needs.

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Incident response

Focusing on your organization’s approach to potential security incidents can minimize impact and speed recovery. Increase your situational awareness with help from embedded analytics and reports.

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Workflow automation

Time is precious, and managing the elements of your technology ecosystem can be a time-consuming, challenging task. Automate your workflows to meet the unique needs of your security operations.

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Purpose-built enterprise software

Give your team the intelligence and tools needed to proactively recognize, understand and respond to everyday disruptions and emergency situations, bring clarity to decisions and simplify collaborative workflows.

Connect, secure and streamline security operations with device-location mapping, incident alerting as well as incident records and dispatch management.

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise

Make decisions that move your business forward with real-time visibility into personnel and operations on one map.

CommandCentral Notify

Prevent injuries, save lives and minimize disruptions by rapidly delivering crucial information to the community, businesses and emergency responders.

Avtec Scout™ Dispatch Consoles

Scalable, secure, reliable and proven dispatch consoles to help security operations protect people, assets and livelihoods.

Ally Incident Management

Streamline security operations with an integrated, cloud-based platform that connects your teams to incident, dispatch and analytics information.

WAVE PTX™ Broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Connect your teams with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE PTX, a carrier-independent broadband push-to-talk service that has no boundaries.


User-friendly and cloud-based workflow automation tool that configures and automates workflows that control your integrated technology ecosystem.

Improve outcomes with a consistent workflow approach

Each enterprise software application is designed for consistency and collaboration, so your teams can benefit from simpler workflows and superior outcomes through these pillars: Detect, Analyze, Communicate & Respond, and Report.

Detect & Analyze

Detect & Analyze

Protect people, property and assets by recognizing and understanding important events. Quickly find what you are looking for so you can make informed decisions.

Communicate & Respond

Communicate & Respond

Connect instantly and securely across devices and networks. Continuously monitor the response in real time and share gathered data with personnel in the field to enable an informed response.



Recreate the incident with synced video and historical mapping to enable seamless documentation, investigation and future analysis.

Enable powerful connections with Safety Reimagined

Reimagine how safety is delivered with the first and only solution that unifies voice, video, data and analytics. One integrated technology ecosystem, supported by a single, trusted solution provider, ensures your team can achieve the foundation of safety that everything else is built on.

Safety Reimagined

Creating safety together

Safety Reimagined brings together fundamental technologies to keep your facility connected and operations efficient. Identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate. Ensuring that if the unthinkable happens, there are plans and technology in place to quickly recognize, evaluate and respond.

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