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Recover critical evidence after the fact.

Recover critical evidence after the fact.

Maintain the confidence of your community. Ensure critical incidents get recorded every time. Protect with Record-After-the-Fact®

Go back in time and recover critical evidence

When pre-buffers and triggers fail to capture a recording. When first responders need to prioritize an immediate threat. Even when the record button is not pressed, Record-After-the-Fact is there to recover the evidence.

Support your officers

Reduce stress in high-stress situations. If a recording isn't initiated, Record-After-the-Fact provides a safeguard.

Maintain trust of the community

Your community needs to know that body cameras will always perform. Record-After-the-Fact helps you to deliver.

Leverage your investment

Get more from your body-worn cameras. Record-After-the-Fact can recover video you never even knew was important.

Body-worn Camera

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Record-After-the-Fact in action

Unique and patented, Record-After-the-Fact technology gives agencies the ability to go back in time and capture video events - days after they happened.

Record-After-the-Fact is a key mobile video technology in recovering evidence

In 2017, Des Moines Police Department used Record-After-the-Fact technology to go back in time and capture video when the camera system wasn’t recording.

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Go forward together

Record-After-the-Fact technology gives agencies the ability to go back in time and recover video thought to be lost. Consider officer privacy concerns as you put policies in place for the use of this powerful technology.

Record-After-the-Fact sample policy

Created by a police department in cooperation with the officers' union, the sample policy establishes scenarios in which a recording will be created and the approvals required.


Record-After-the-Fact white paper

Learn how the patented technology differs from pre-event recording techniques to protect officer privacy and ensure critical video evidence is captured every time, even when a recording wasn’t able to be initiated.


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Without Record-After-the-Fact, we wouldn't have had the entire corroborating story. It's going to solve crimes for you. That's a no-brainer.

Theodore Stroope

Theodore Stroope

Sergeant, Des Moines PD

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