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Frequently bought together


M500 In-car System

Integrate your V300 with the M500 in-car video system



Get your cameras and get going. Start using the V300 now, for a simple monthly charge.


Evidence Library

Manage evidence your way. In the cloud, on-premise, or in the car.


Protect your community. Protect your livelihood.

In a world full of cellphones and connected video devices, sometimes the only reliable witness to an incident is one you carry with you each day. Make sure it’s always ready. The V300 continuous operation body-worn camera remains operational well beyond a 12-hour shift, capturing crystal clear video and audio of every encounter from the perspective that matters most.

What’s inside

Distortion Correction

Distortion correction eliminates fisheye effect

Electronically-adjustable Lens

Electronically-adjustable lens for optimal aiming

Data Security

Encryption at rest and in transit data security

Multiple Resolution

1080p, 720p, 480p resolution options

Camera Pooling

Camera pooling for maximum utilization

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

Enhanced Audio

Enhanced audio kills wind noise

 IP67 Rating

Rugged design and IP67 rating

Key features

Detachable battery

Easily change the V300's rechargeable battery while on the go. Officers can keep an extra battery at the ready for unexpectedly long shifts, extra shifts or part-time jobs where a body-worn camera is required.

Automatic wireless uploading

Send critical video back to headquarters while still in the field. When docked in the car, the V300 body camera uploads to cloud-based or on-premise evidence management systems via wireless networks like LTE and FirstNet, anytime, anywhere.

Integrated with in-car video system

One or more V300 body cameras and a 4RE in-car system can work seamlessly as a single system, capturing synchronized video of an incident from multiple vantage points.


Go back in time and capture video from events days after they happened, even when a recording wasn’t automatically triggered or initiated by the officer. Don’t rely on mere seconds of pre-event buffering to prove your case.


Product information

Aware for Streaming V300 Video

Aware for Streaming V300 Video

Datasheet - Aware for Streaming V300 Video

V300 Brochure

V300 Brochure

Full description of the V300 body-worn camera

V300 Specifications

V300 Specifications

Key features and technical specifications

V300-APX Integration Fact Sheet

V300-APX Integration Fact Sheet

Body-worn camera collaboration with two-way radios

V300 in 60 Seconds

V300 highlighted features

V300-APX Integration Demo Video

Demonstration of body cameras integrating with two-way radios

V300 Vehicle Kit

V300 Vehicle Kit Brochure

Learn how you can integrate the V300 with your vehicle

V300 Holster Aware Brochure

V300 Holster Aware Brochure

Learn how Holster Aware works with the V300

V300 User Interface Guide

V300 User Interface Guide

Learn how to navigate through the V300 User Interface.

V300 User Interface Demo

V300 User Interface Demo

Watch how to navigate through the V300 User Interface.

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