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Setting a new Standard in firefighter communications

The new APX NEXT XN P25 Smart Radio is here to advance firefighter safety and mission-critical performance.

The 2020 fire/EMS survey reports:


Proactive adoption

Majority of respondents said proactive adoption was the motivating factor to purchase in-car video


Ambulance vehicles

56% of ambulance vehicles have in-car video on board to help with accident liability


Training tool

92% of agencies utilizing body-worn cameras cited it was a tool to enhance their training


Drone technology

21% of agencies are utilizing drone technology, with almost ¾ having a designated, trained member

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fire and ems technology and solutions

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Motorola Solutions empowers fire and EMS departments to better serve and protect lives through reliable communications and by turning data into actionable intelligence.

Take your fire/EMS technology to the next level.

Stay safe, connected, and informed. When every second counts, depend on our devices, networks and software to work seamlessly together.

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afg fire grant

AFG FY2021 Communications Project Application Guide: Now Available

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Fire and EMS communications solutions

Fire and EMS Video Technology

Throughout each stage of incident response, video technology is quickly becoming a more and useful asset within the fire and EMS service. See how video can help your fire and EMS departments today.

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APX series two-way radios

Our legendary APX™ series of two-way radios combines sophisticated technology with incredible toughness.

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MINITOR VI two-tone voice pager

The MINITOR VI two-tone voice pager for first responders is flexible, rugged and reliable.

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APX personnel accountability

Improve safety by transforming the way incident command accounts for people on-scene or in peril with the right tools.

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Station alerting

Improve response time and resource allocation with seamlessly integrated fire station alerting software.

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Managed and support services

Achieve your performance targets with the right level of services you need.

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Fremont Fire Department Case Study

Learn about the chilling account of how the heroes of Fremont FD braved unprecedented floods to rescue a stranded family

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Discover technology to help you be your best in the moments that matter.

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ems technology

Improve patient outcomes while increasing responder safety

personnel accountability technology

Discover personnel accountability for the digital age

Fremont Fire Department Case Study

Learn about the chilling account of how the heroes of Fremont FD braved unprecedented floods to rescue a stranded family

ems technology

Connected EMS solutions

With APX radios, firefighters have a voice communications and personnel accountability solution in one—they simply turn the radio on and they’re checked in.

Fire Chief

Midlothian Fire Department

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