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The NFPA 1802 standard is a new standard that identifies the operating parameters and minimum design and performance requirements for portable two-way RF voice communications devices (such as radios), and remote speaker microphones (RSMs) used in the hazard zone.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1802 Standard FAQs

What is the NFPA 1802 Standard?

The NFPA 1802 standard is a new standard, released in January 2021, that identifies the operating environment parameters, as well as the minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing, and certification of portable RF voice communications devices (RF devices) and remote speaker microphones (RSMs) for use by emergency services personnel (ESP) within the hazard zone during emergency incident operations without compromising compatibility with field emergency services communications networks. This standard specifies requirements for RF devices and RSMs used by emergency services personnel in the hazard zone as the primary voice communications link.

What are some design specifications that the RF devices need to meet in order to be compliant with the NFPA 1802 Standard?

Design specifications focus on hardware performance in areas such as extreme heat, immersion, drop/impact, battery life, and remote speaker mic connections. Specifications are also defined for RF device software to include features such as data logging and safety alerts when in the hazard zone. A detailed list of test requirements can be found in the Executive Summary Guide or you may visit thefull published NFPA 1802 standard.

How will I know if my RF device or RSM is NFPA 1802 certified?

When testing and certifying the RF device and RSM together, the compliance label will be permanently attached on the RF device and certified accessories. If both the RF device and RSM are certified compliant as stand-alone, both products will show a compliance label.

Why was the NFPA 1802 Standard created and who created it?

  1. The fire service has long recognized the durability and ruggedness of radio products and accessories used in the market today. However, with the changing needs of users operating in the hazard zone, the market has identified an opportunity to define a minimum standard for a portable RF device designed for the rigors and utmost extremes of interior firefighting, hazmat, and wildland operations. Similar standards have been in existence for SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) equipment, TICs (Thermal Imaging Cameras), and PASS (Personal Alert Safety System) devices.
  2. The NFPA 1802 standard was developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Electronic Safety Equipment committee consisting of users (firefighters), manufacturers (including Motorola Solutions), certifying agencies and researchers. The goal of the NFPA is to create a new standard on the way people communicate in times of emergency. With the NFPA standard for two-way communication devices, the possibility of fire related hazards is significantly minimized.

Are any RF devices or RSMs manufactured today certified for NFPA 1802?

Yes, the APX NEXT XN and XVN500 RSM from Motorola Solutions are NFPA 1802 certified. You can find the complete list of certified product for the Fire and Emergency Services here.

Can my current RF device or RSM be upgraded to be compliant with NFPA 1802?

No. Manufacturers or end users cannot claim compliance to portions of the standard or upgrade an RF device and/or RSM to be certified NFPA 1802 compliant. In order to claim NFPA 1802 compliance, the RF device and/or RSM must be certified in all applicable specifications (hardware and software) of the standard.

Read the Executive Summary Guide for more information on NFPA 1802 and frequently asked questions

Read the Executive Summary Guide for more information on NFPA 1802 and frequently asked questions

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NFPA 1802 Executive Summary

NFPA 1802 Executive Summary

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NFPA 1802 Full Published Standard

NFPA 1802 Full Published Standard

Read The Full Published Standard Released By The NFPA

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