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Rave 911 Suite Rave 911 Suite Rave 911 Suite

Rave 911 Suite

Strengthen 9-1-1 call handling, dispatch, and response by providing telecommunicators and field responders with additional detail. Please note, Rave 911 Suite is not available in Canada.

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Enhance your 9-1-1 data

A more informed response is a safer response. Enrich the data available during every call received, so you can get more out of your NG9-1-1 system and protect your field responders and people in need.

communicate effectively

Communicate more effectively

Call takers can request to live stream video from bystanders and field responders on-site, or initiate two-way text conversations with mobile callers.

informative response

Respond with more information

Strengthen your 9-1-1 and dispatch response with additional details such as enhanced location data, facility plans, and caller profiles.

respond faster

Accelerate response times

Field responders can easily access the Rave 911 Suite using a web browser on any internet-enabled device, improving incident preparedness.

Coordinate a more informed response


These free community profiles provide dispatchers with the caller's name, address, photo, medical conditions, and even details about pets.

Motorola Solutions Facility

Businesses can provide public safety with facility information such as floor plans, building, fire and utility information, and more during emergency response.

Rave Prepare

Your population can opt-in to an access and functional needs registry so you can better analyze community requirements when planning your emergency response.

Two-way text messaging

Using Rave’s chat component, call takers can initiate two-way text conversations with any mobile caller.

Enhanced location data

Supplement existing ALI information with improved e911 location tracking and facility information.

Livestream video

Request a video livestream from bystanders and first responders on-site without an app or a NG9-1-1 network.

Ready to do more with your NG9-1-1 system?