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All in one. Awareness for all.

Siloed systems make it impossible to leverage your ocean of information. CommandCentral Aware situational awareness software not only securely unifies all of your real-time data and video streams into a common operating picture, but also helps identify intelligence for users to quickly and easily share.

Computer map location representation

See your patrol area clearly

On a single map, see location and status of radios, cameras, 9-1-1 calls, incidents and other resources to increase operational awareness.

Person target representation

Add backup… virtually

Connect, view and control real- time camera feeds from disparate video sources, organized the way you want, to provide additional eyes and ears on scene.


Surface critical insights quicker

Trigger workflows for 9-1-1 calls, CAD incidents or other emergency alerts, assign work and run database queries to respond faster.

Device communication

Share intelligence in an instant

Communicate by integrated radio console or email, draw plans in real time and export evidence to deliver intelligence faster and more efficiently.

For any user, any team, any agency

CommandCentral Aware is comprehensive and highly flexible, so that users and teams of all types, across agencies of all sizes, have the tools they need to enhance their situational awareness.

Unified map screen

Unify 9-1-1 calls, CAD incidents, vehicles, radios, cameras, sensors and more on an Esri map. Layer traffic, weather, custom maps and floor plans.

Events monitor table software

Alongside the map, view events and device alerts in a table structure. Add, remove and sort data columns for individual user preferences.

Integrated Video Software

Connect, view and control camera feeds from disparate video sources, organized the way you want, to provide additional eyes and ears on scene.

Integrated Radio Console

Interface directly to our MCC 7500E radio console for seamless communication. Control and interact with talkgroups and monitor device statuses.

Resource & unit management

Configure reporting cadences for resources and activate breadcrumb-style tracking in emergencies. Affiliate resources together to create a single, clearly identifiable unit on the map.

Free-text resource & event search

Quickly access active resources or events on the map using a free-text search bar. Upon selecting, the map will center on the event or resource of interest.

Zone of Interest geofencing

Create geofences or 'Zones of Interest' ad hoc or at an administrative level for different users or groups to filter a users view of resources and events to a specific area.

Directed Patrol zone creation & alerts

Create area and unit specific, time-based checkpoints that verify a patrol has occurred including entry and exit alerts as well as notifications for incompletion.

Workflow automation rules engine

Create if-this-then-that rules with “AND” and “OR” operators to automate response actions to events or alerts, and eliminate manual information analysis and processing.

Integrated search & database query

Initiate a search or query across various sources, including Vigilant VehicleManager, on highlighted text to gather more context on a situation and better inform a response.

Historical incident recreation & replay

Review responses through the lens of mapped historical events, resources and video. Replay the incident as it unfolded to expedite investigations and inform future workflows.

Response planning & drawing tools

Draw polygons, polylines and points on the map with coloring, icons and annotations. Drawings are visible by all users as a map layer to improve coordination.

Embedded email and evidence export

Share rich situational intelligence including video links, clips, snapshots and comprehensive incident updates via email. Send video clips and snapshots to CommandCentral Evidence.

Video viewing & feature permissions

Apply enhanced user permissions by camera or camera group to granularly control who can view video streams, review historical footage and clip, snapshot or export video.

Mobile compatible user experience

Access the map and event monitor from any Android or iOS tablet or smartphone to extend operational visibility to anywhere you have an internet connection.

Drag-and-drop modular user interface

Configure your experience on one, two, or three screens. Personalize the display to meet individual role needs and workflow preferences.

Proven experience. Proven scale. Proven outcomes.

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200+ Agencies

Over 200 public safety agencies across North America use CommandCentral Aware.

About us

29,000+ Users

More than 29,000 users of CommandCentral Aware situational awareness software.

98,000+ Cloud-Connected Cameras

Over 98,000 cloud-connected cameras streaming video to CommandCentral Aware.

70+ Integration Partners

Over 70 telemetry and video integration partners in addition to existing Motorola integrations.

Already a CommandCentral Aware customer?

How to buy CommandCentral Aware

Our annual subscriptions are primarily tiered by which modules are included. See the offer guide below for details.

Perform with peace of mind

CommandCentral Aware is cloud-native and meets or exceeds all major security compliances and certifications to keep your team working confidently.

FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorized & CJIS compliant

Compliant with Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) requirements and can be hosted in a FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorized cloud.

Annual SOC 1 & 2 security auditing

Audited against Service Organization Control 1 and 2 (SOC 1 and SOC 2) reporting framework for secure data management.

ISO 27001, 27017 & 27018 certified

Audited to achieve International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001, 27017 and 27018 certifications.

New Orleans Command Center


Product Information

CommandCentral Aware brochure

Learn about capabilities, integrations, and key benefits.


Edge appliance fact sheet

Securely access live video from your community partners with the Motorola Solutions edge appliance.


Protected Places fact sheet

Enable community partners to share emergency response information for enhanced real-time visibility.


CommandCentral Aware offer guide

Learn about the subscription tiers available.


Integration Information

Aware + Panic Button fact sheet

Break data silos to keep schools safe with the Rave Panic Button and CommandCentral Aware.


Aware + V700 body camera fact sheet

Livestream LTE-enabled V700 body-worn cameras in CommandCentral Aware.


Aware + in-car video fact sheet

Get location and in-car video streaming from the 4RE or M500 in-car camera in CommandCentral Aware.


Aware + APX radios fact sheet

Get emergency alerts and radio location for your operations center with APX radios and Aware.


Aware + VESTA® 9-1-1 fact sheet

See how CommandCentral Aware for VESTA 9-1-1 gives telecommunicators greater situational awareness.


Aware + Unity Video fact sheet

Act fast on unusual activity alerts with CommandCentral Aware and Unity Video.


Aware + CAPE fact sheet

Take awareness to new heights with CommandCentral Aware and CAPE.


Aware + VehicleManager fact sheet

Intercept more vehicles of interest with CommandCentral Aware and Vigilant VehicleManager.


Aware + V300 body camera fact sheet

Real-time location and video streaming from V300 body-worn cameras to CommandCentral Aware.


Customer Case Studies

Glendale, Arizona RTCC

Learn how Glendale’s RTCC increased efficiency and community trust.

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The City of New Orleans RTCC

See how the City of New Orleans protects citizens during large events.

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Detroit PD's "Project Green Light"

Learn how Detroit Police Department saw a 40 percent drop in violent crime.

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Montgomery Co. RTCC

Discover how a real-time crime center delivers actionable intelligence to Montgomery Co. deputies.

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Customer Testimonials

Des Moines Police Department

How does CommandCentral Aware help dispatch stay two steps ahead?

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Collier County ROC

The Collier County ROC provides emergency backup to its deputies with CommandCentral Aware.

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Collier County Hurricane Recovery

The Collier County ROC supported its community during Hurricane Ian using CommandCentral Aware.

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