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10-21 Police Phone 10-21 Police Phone 10-21 Police Phone

10-21 Police Phone

Make calls to the public that get answered. Calls from 10-21 Police Phone are made from a local, unblocked number to increase answer rates while protecting your personal number and privacy.

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Make calls that actually get answered

What do you do when you need to make a follow-up call after an incident? Often, you’re left with no choice but to give out your personal phone number – jeopardizing your privacy. If you block your number, the chances of the call getting answered drop drastically. 10-21 Police Phone app was created to help.

Protect your privacy

Protect your privacy

Make calls from a local virtual number – not your own. Store call details in the cloud to protect your phone from being discoverable.

Improve answer rates

Improve answer rates

Calls from local, unblocked numbers are more likely to be answered the first time. Cut down your chances of going to voicemail.

Protect yourself in a dispute

Protect yourself in a dispute

Protect yourself in the event of a dispute by documenting smartphone interactions with the public.

Maximize the potential of your phone

Download the free 10-21 Police Phone app with limited features for individual use. Upgrade for advanced features as an individual user, or purchase 10-21 at the agency level to unlock the app's full potential.

Call Recording

Record your mobile phone conversations with the community, ensuring accuracy and fairness. Export recordings for evidence or case recall.

Follow-Up Text

If call is declined or goes to voicemail,10-21 sends a follow-up text identifying you as law enforcement, providing an easy way to request a callback.

Outbound Caller ID

Prevent your call from looking like spam with Law Enforcement caller ID. And the caller's ID from a callback request will display if available.

Callback Request

When an individual calls you back, you'll receive a callback notification to respond at your convenience.

Records Retention

Access your full call history. Look back through your entire call log to verify contact with individuals or access numbers you would have lost.

Dispatch Connect

You can also route citizens to your agency’s non-emergency number for immediate assistance.

Cloud Contacts

Keep community contacts separate from your phone and add field notes for better context.

Video Calling

Have something you need to share or see? Use video calling for another level of connectedness.

Protect your personnel with 10-21 for your agency

Equip your agency with powerful tools to interact with the public in a professional fashion. 10-21 CallManager provides admins clear visibility to call history and community callback requests, while CommandCentral users enjoy seamless access with single sign-on.

Callback Requests

Check status of callback requests to see when, or if, the individual was contacted. Filter and search requests and clear them manually from the list.

Call History

Access call recordings for an unbiased account of interactions. View outbound call data including name, number, and duration of call. Filter for easy tracking.

User Management

Create a profile for each user and manage who has access to 10-21 Police Phone. Assign licenses and admin privileges.

Agency Set Up

Configure your 10-21 experience. Set agency name, dispatch number, preferred area code and timezone for users. Set rules for accessing a license.

Close the final mile of transparency with Call Recording.

The right subscription for you

Law enforcement can download the 10-21 Police Phone app and start making calls today. Upgrade for advanced individual features or purchase 10-21 for your agency to unlock the app’s full potential, including Call Recording.

Free version

Download 10-21 Police Phone for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Advanced individual features

Upgrade your individual subscription in the App Store or Google Play for advanced features.

Purchase for your agency

Contact us to purchase 10-21 Police Phone for your agency and gain access to admin controls and tools via CallManager.

Download the free 10-21 Police Phone app

Find it on Google Play or the App Store