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Sharing data between PSAPs can be challenging, especially on different CAD systems. Rave Link makes it easier.

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Stronger collaboration creates a stronger incident response

Emergency responses are collaborative by nature. Rave Link makes it easier to share information when an incident response requires multiple jurisdictions and disparate teams.

advance notice

Give advance notice

Automatically alert nearby PSAPs and key stakeholders that a complex incident is occurring based on predetermined situational parameters.

resource allocation

Better allocate resources

Share CAD data with neighboring organizations, allowing multiple jurisdictions and teams to better allocate response resources.

extended dispatch

Extend dispatch workflows

Automate your Standard Operating Procedures and multi-step follow up during complex emergencies.

search CAD data

Search real-time CAD data

Improve first responder safety and the investigative process with real-time visibility into regional incidents.

escalate notifications

Escalate notifications

Notify leadership when responder availability is low, incidents occur near critical infrastructure, an incident crosses jurisdictions, and more.

map incidents

View incidents on a map

See incident data in your own format and on your terms with permission-based viewing of incidents across authorized agencies.

Are you looking to better collaborate with your neighboring PSAPs?