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“I run towards danger, while others flee.”

Keep police officers, firefighters and first responders focused and efficient by enabling them to quickly communicate with dispatch, and to easily capture information in the field without returning to headquarters.

Extend intelligence to the edge.

Increase officers safety and optimize workflows with purpose-built public safety applications. Mobilize information so law enforcement officers in the field are prepared and can spend more time being part of the communities they serve.

Access reliable information

Give police officers the ability to access critical information that can save a life through specialized public safety applications

Accelerate data collection

Alleviate paperwork to free officers’ time for focusing on patrolling and fighting crime.

Simplify technology

Reduce frustration from the field through a single, intuitive app that requires a single sign on for all information your officers need.

Police Mobile Software

30% of officer time is spent at the station on reports.* Is your time optimized?

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Field Response and Reporting Solutions

Equip your officers with the tools that deliver the right information to those who need it most.

Spillman Flex® Mobile

Access agency data, follow incident activity and file reports from the field with a mobile suite of modules that extend Spillman Flex CAD and Records into laptops and mobile data terminals.

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PremierOne® Mobile

Equip first responders with the power of dispatch to enable dynamic and prioritized real-time intelligence for situational awareness and effective field response across devices in the field.

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10-21 Police Phone

10-21 (radio code for "make a phone call") is a police app for making free calls to citizens that actually get answered. Calls are made from local (not blocked) numbers to increase answer rate while protecting your personal number.

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Increase officer safety, optimize field response and de-escalate critical situations by remotely operating a UAV to capture evidence and stream live video.

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Investigative Solutions

Simplify communication workflows, increase officer safety and help investigators collect the evidence they need for safe and successful prosecutions.

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CommandCentral Responder

Complete tasks more efficiently with field-focused digital tools for public safety that streamline manual or redundant processes and give first responders the intelligence and assistance they need in critical moments to stay safe and get the job done.

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Digital report writing from the field will free officers’ time every day.


Mobilizing intelligence when disaster strikes

Toms River Police Department mobilizes to aid citizens in need after Superstorm Sandy devastates New Jersey communities.

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It’s really nice because all the information that dispatch has, I have right there at my fingertips.

Tegan Tupin

Tegan Tupin

Patrol Sergeant

Randall County Sheriff’s Office, TX

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