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Capture every incident. Record every encounter.

Out on patrol, you never know what to expect: the situation can escalate from routine to life-threatening in seconds. Make sure you keep a complete record, with in-car and motorcycle video camera systems.

M500 Police In-Car Video System

The M500 in-car video system is a groundbreaking leap forward in real time awareness. It’s not just an eye observing, it’s a brain analysing, alerting you in real time to threats and objectives

Mission-critical design

From the leading supplier of in-car cameras, the M500 is built on exacting research and real world feedback

Industry-leading video

The M500 delivers the high-resolution, wide-field footage you need to precisely document events as they unfold

Embedded Intelligence

More than just an eye recording, the M500 is a brain analysing your environment, alerting you to what you need to know

M500 Police In-car Video System

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West Yorkshire Police

If you don't have good quality video, you don't have good quality evidence.

West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police

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