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Two-Way Radio Accessories

Enhance your communications devices with Motorola two-way radio accessories.

Your business is as good as the people you employ. Support your teams to perform at their best, improving efficiency and safety with Motorola Solutions Two-Way Radio accessories.

Motorola Solutions provides a variety of accessories for our range of walkie-talkies, two-way radios, and other communications devices.

These include:

  • Batteries

  • Single or multi-use chargers

  • Hands-free radio headsets

  • Speakers

  • Antennas

  • Carry

When managing a large workforce and co-ordinating large scale projects, clear communication is essential to avoid miscommunication and wasted time.

Our range of accessories has been specifically designed for licensed and unlicensed two-way radios, to help you communicate with the rest of your team as efficiently & effectively as possible.

Our TETRA radio accessories can extend the power and reliability of your TETRA equipment. While the MOTOTRBO accessories are ideal to support our trusted MOTOTRBO series. IMPRES batteries and chargers are available, built to optimise your device performance and battery life.


Antennas and Antenna Accessories

Motorola offers a variety of antenna solutions to suit your needs — multiple mounting options, GPS capability, directional and omni-directional antennas.

Enhance the range of your two-way radios and ensure comms are maintained over greater distances. And with GPS you can ensure that the locations of your team are known at all times, enabling easier coordination and better direction when on the move.

Audio Accessories

Choose performance-matched Motorola Solutions Original audio accessories to meet your critical communication needs.

Use these radio accessories to ensure everything can be heard even in a noisy environment, and to enable your team to go hands-free.


Whether responding to an emergency where seconds count, coordinating a mobile workforce, or communicating critical information, your radio is essential and its battery key to your operation.

Chargers and Charger Accessories

Motorola offers versatile charging solutions that ensure constant communication for your mobile workforce.

Tetra Radio Accessories

Extend the power and reliability of your radio with the only complete line of accessories designed, tested and certified for optimal performance with Motorola TETRA terminals.

IMPRES™ Battery Fleet Management

A radio is only as good as the battery that powers it. Make better decisions with the right data.

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