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IMPRES™ Two-Way Radio Batteries

Two-Way Radio Accessories


Your two-way radio is only as good as the battery that powers it.

Motorola Solutions batteries outperform batteries of other brands when tested in conditions with dust and water as well as knocks, drops, shocks and more. You can rest assured that they will work in the stressful environment of your workplace helping your workers stay safer.

Our IMPRES™ two-way radio batteries have been tested and proven tough with Motorola Solutions two-way radios in real-world conditions.

IMPRES™ batteries for two-way radios can be charged 150 times more and last 43% longer than standard non-IMPRES batteries. This means that you need to stock fewer spares in order to ensure that you keep your two-way radio fleet active and ready at all times.

When IMPRES™ batteries are combined with IMPRES™ chargers they offer a range of advanced features including adaptive reconditioning and end-of-life display which means that they can recover from abusive operation and improper charging. Using a unique communication protocol IMPRES™ batteries and chargers share data which automatically optimise the battery cycle life.

For even more advanced features, the IMPRES™ Battery Management allows the users to monitor and manage battery health in real time using IMPRES™ networked chargers or with IMPRES™ Battery Management Over The Air that allows you to monitor your batteries while they are being used.

Motorola Solutions IMPRES™ batteries come in a variety of mAh capacities (from 1400mAh to 2750mAh) and chemistry (NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion).

Most of our battery models are all operational in temperatures as low as -10 °C and as high as + 60 °C.

Find the battery that suits your device and needs. You can find more IMPRES™ batteries here

How to Buy

  • Motorola Batteries Proven Tough

    Motorola batteries are made to last. Our mission is to build superior batteries that can withstand most demanding environments.