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IMPRES™ Accessories


Offers breakthrough performance and features for you and your radios.

This state-of-the-art technology allows communication between the radio and associated accessories. Audio accessories experience optimal audio performance, while IMPRES batteries experience maximum talk-time and optimized battery life cycle.

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Advanced charging algorithms maximize talk-time and battery life, and automatic reconditioning based on usage keeps IMPRES batteries optimized.


IMPRES batteries store and communicate data to their chargers through a unique communication protocol designed to maximize talk-time and battery life.


This IMPRES™ telephone-style handset is ergonomically-designed, easy to hold and includes cup and hardware

HMN4104 - Display Remote Speaker Microphone (APX)

IMPRES Display RSM with Audio Jack, Channel Selector, Volume Control, 2 Programmable Buttons and Orange Burron. Windporting, Rugged, Submersible (IP68)

PMMN4025 IMPRES™ Remote Speaker Microphone (MOTOTRBO™)

This remote speaker microphone comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and offers IMPRES and windporting audio benefits.

RLN5882 - IMPRES™ Surveillance Kit, Black

This 2-wire surveillance kit with a translucent tube allows the user to both transmit and receive discreet communications.


Heavy duty headset, noise reduction

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