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Critical Connect

Critical Connect

Collaborate across networks, agencies and organisations, in-country and cross border, wherever and whenever required.

Communicate and exchange voice and data across networks

Critical Connect enables voice and data interoperability between existing TETRA, P25 and DMR systems both within or outside your organisation. Seamlessly connect single or multiple LMR Networks to Wave PTX Broadband PTT Services. So now you can provide your teams, and those you work with, with flexible communications that are fast, secure and affordable.


One secure connection provides seamless communication with internal groups and external organizations, reducing the cost and complexity of interoperable PTT.


Increase the number of LMR networks you interconnect with, and add more PTX users when required. Set up and tear down connections and users to meet operational requirements.


Monthly subscription fee allows you to adjust level of service quickly and easily as needs grow.

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Critical Connect transforms the way first responders communicate

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Dynamic, seamless interagency PTT communication

Whether you need to combine forces or keep contractors safe on site, it’s essential to have everyone on the same page. With a single link to Critical Connect, you can connect securely with other agencies, as well as personnel outside LMR coverage.

Enhance situational awareness across regions, countries, or with enterprises

Listen to Brad Stoddard, Michigan Public Safety Communications System Director, talk about how the State of Michigan is using Critical Connect to improve inter-agency communication and enhance cross-border mutual aid.

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Enhance situational awareness across agencies.

Agencies conduct operations across multiple jurisdictions both within their national borders and with neighbouring international agencies . Critical Connect enables interop between agencies, while each agency continues to use its own network, providing enhanced situational awareness.

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Improve interoperability within enterprise sites

Enterprises can utilise Critical Connect to interop between P25, Tetra and DMR networks from multiple sites allowing the seamless exchange of voice and data between LMR network and Wave PTX broadband users. Enterprises can also use Wave PTX to extend the coverage of LMR networks as required.

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WAVE PTX provides carrier-independent broadband PTT service and an extensive set of MCPTT-based features to keep regional and national agencies, plus other mission essential users connected, informed and safe.

WAVE PTX Mobile application

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a PTT handset. Get the power of push-to-talk with the ability to share location, images, videos, and data files at the touch of a button

WAVE PTX Dispatch

Manage your mobile workforce from anywhere with an Internet connection and a standard web browser

SafeGuard Package

Enhance user safety, situational awareness, and operational efficiency through MCPTT-based features such as emergency calling, remote user check, and location-based groups

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Enhance interworking and interoperability with Critical Connect and Wave PTX

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Enhancing Intra- And Inter-Agency Communication

Find out how Critical Connect drives the Mission Critical Communications Ecosystem for public safety.

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