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Reseller Partner

Become a Motorola Solutions Reseller


In an increasingly competitive market, building a relationship with the right vendor isn't just important…it's everything. At Motorola Solutions, we're committed to helping you sell more successfully, grow your revenue and boost your profits. Our global channel partner program, PartnerEmpower, helps resellers like you succeed through a focus on:

  • Growth: We provide the resources, tools and support you need to build your pipeline, close deals and take advantage of new opportunities
  • Value: We reward you for investing in your relationship with us
  • Differentiation: Your status in PartnerEmpower helps you stand apart from competitors
  • Expertise: We recognize your competency in technologies and key markets, and we help to strengthen your team's skills

Reselling Motorola Solutions Products

As a PartnerEmpower reseller you can expand your product portfolio and offer your customers a rich set of powerful, innovative communications solutions. Motorola Solutions products, software and services that are included in the PartnerEmpower Program have been categorized into groups known under the Program as  “Technology Segments.” 

Participation in the PartnerEmpower Program is granted by Technology Segment. Each Technology Segment has sub-segments of product groups, some of which are subject to additional access and training requirements (“Technology Sub-Segments”).

The PartnerEmpower Program in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has four Technology Segments.

You must participate in at least one Technology Segment and may participate in multiple segments. Information about the products that fall under the Technology Segments can be found in the table below:


Rewarding Expertise
PartnerEmpower is tiered to recognize the success of your relationship with Motorola Solutions. As you build your business and demonstrate your expertise within a technology, you move from status as an Authorized member to status as a Specialist or Elite Specialist, and in turn, gain access to a greater set of program benefits and significantly greater market differentiation.

Empowering Benefits 
We've designed PartnerEmpower to help you be more successful. Key program benefits include:

  • Marketing resources and tools that help you increase awareness and generate leads
  • Sales resources and tools that help you get in the door and close deals
  • A global channel ecosystem that connects you with complementary partners to better support the end-to-end solutions needs of your customers
  • Comprehensive certification and training courses that improve your team's skills
  • Technical resources that enable you to deliver more robust solutions and support your customers

Become a Partner 
To apply to become a PartnerEmpower reseller, please click here to access our on-line application.  If you have any questions about the PartnerEmpower program you can contact our Partner Support Team.

The online application form is used for both a new PartnerEmpower application and also for existing Partners to make an application for a relationship change, such as adding a new technology.  For help with applications please contact our Partner Support Team.