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Two-Way Radio Earpieces

Rugged, Reliable and Ready For Action

Earpieces connect to Motorola Solutions radios and can be as simple as just a single receive-only earpiece for private audio, or advanced multi-wire kits with separate wires for the earpiece, microphone, and push-to-talk (PTT) buttons.

Because of their design, earpieces are a varied category of accessory and can be used in a variety of situations where headsets are impractical or too bulky for the user, such as front-of-house staff and security personnel.

When choosing an earpiece, you have the option of receive-only and receive-transmit earpieces. Receive-only systems have just an earpiece and no microphone, whereas receive-transmit earpieces have both an earpiece and a microphone. Most receive-transmit earpieces also have a push-to-talk (PTT) button which allows the user to send a message without needing to press buttons on their radio.

Earpieces can be either in-ear, where part of the device fits into the ear canal, or over-the-ear where the earpiece sits on top of the ear. Some users find in-ear devices to be uncomfortable for long periods of time while others find over-the-ear earpieces to suffer from background noise issues.

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  • 56517

    D-Style Earpiece with in-line microphone and PTT.

  • HKLN4455

    Over-the-ear earpiece with in-line push-to-talk

  • RLN6423

    Swivel Earpiece

  • NNTN8191

    Wireless push-to-talk pod.

  • PMLN6069

    Mag One earbud with inline microphone and push-to-talk button.

  • PMMN4080

    IMPRES small windporting remote speaker microphone

  • PMLN7188

    Earpiece, 3.5 mm ATEX

  • PMLN7081

    Earpiece with in-line microphone and PTT button (changeable eartips)

  • PMLN7396

    Adjustable D-style earpiece for remote speaker microphone (RSM).

  • PMLN7540

    3.5mm earbud with inline microphone and push-to-talk.

  • PMLN7541

    3.5mm two-wire earpiece with translucent tube.

  • NNTN8433

    Completely discreet earpiece.

  • PMLN7844


  • PMLN6900

    1-Wire Receive Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube (PMLN6900)

  • PMLN8190

    CLPe Series In-Line PTT Surveillance Earpiece

  • PMLN8125

    CLPe Series In-Line PTT Earpiece With Short Cord

  • PMLN8077

    In-Line PTT Earpiece With Standard Cord

  • PMLN8068

    CLPe Series Earpiece Replacement Ear Tip (Small, Pack Of 5)