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Relieving the pressure for fire and rescue call handlers Relieving the pressure for fire and rescue call handlers Relieving the pressure for fire and rescue call handlers

Relieving the pressure for fire and rescue call handlers

Discover the purpose-built solutions providing relief from control room demands.

How can technology help overcome the issues the fire industry faces?

From boosting communication to enhancing accountability, find out how innovative solutions are helping the fire service meet its challenges.

Reducing risk and improving protection for firefighters

Learn about the bespoke solutions helping support fire and rescue services.

The future of emergency control rooms

Learn about the technology helping to shape control room operations.

We're here to answer your questions on our products and services.

Fireground Radio Communications

Our range of robust fire and rescue solutions were designed to meet firefighters’ everyday challenges.

TETRA Portable Radio

TETRA Portable Radio

With reliable coverage, innovative audio quality and Bluetooth connectivity, our TETRA radios provide clear communications throughout incidents.

Explore TETRA Radios
MOTOTRBO™ Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

MOTOTRBO™ Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Our MOTOTRBO radios offer a choice of ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles and a full range of complementary accessories and applications.

Explore Mototrbo Radios
ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA Two-way Pager

TETRA Two-way Pager

Deployed amongst emergency on-call personnel, our pager's extended battery life and coverage ensures they can be reached when needed.

Explore Tetra Pagers

Empowering Technology for Improved Fire and Rescue Services

From software which facilitates better control room operations to body cameras which advance situational awareness, our
end-to-end technology ecosystem is transforming fireground communications.

Control Room Solutions

Our Command Centre software supplies call handlers with the essential stream of information they need to advise those on the ground. Informed and aware, firefighters enter a scene better protected and more able to make critical decisions quickly.

Body Cameras

With high-quality recording capabilities, rugged design and live streaming over LTE and WiFi, our body cameras strengthen fire and rescue missions.

Video Security & Access Control

Fire stations and emergency vehicles house valuable, life-saving equipment and require robust protection from vandalism and theft. Our combination of fixed cameras, AI analytics and access control solutions enable you to proactively detect situations and initiate an immediate response.

Fire and Rescue Enquiry

Discover the interconnected ecosystem empowering public safety

Enter crime scene

Mission-critical Ecosystem

MOTOTRBO R7 Digital Portable Radio

Our digital portable two-way radio offers loud, clear and customisable audio in a rugged device.

VB400 body camera

The next generation of body camera technology.

TPG2200 TETRA Two-way Pager

With enhanced coverage and extended battery life, reach your emergency personnel when they’re needed most.


Working safely in the most extreme environments.


A rugged and lightweight mission-critical communications device.

ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio

Combining small and rugged design with mission-critical performance.

Mission Critical LTE Device

An LTE Device designed with first responders in mind.

MTM5500 TETRA Mobile Radio

A highly flexible and capable system radio.

MOTOTRBO™ DP4000e Digital Portable Two-Way Radio Series

Deliver complete connectivity to your organization.

Two-Way Radio Accessories

Unleash the full potential of your two-way radio with accessories.


Active Noise Canceling ATEX Remote Speaker Microphone.

4RE® In-Car Video Camera System

A trusted, advanced, in-car video system to ensure every moment around your vehicles is captured.


The V500 strengthens fire and rescue missions with limitless connections and real-time intelligence.

Fire & Rescue Case Studies & Resources

Fireground whitepaper

Enhancing fireground safety and operations.

Future fire control room whitepaper

The future fire and rescue service
control room.

TETRA Fire Solutions

When every second counts, intelligent technology sparks safer and faster fire response.

MTP6650 TETRA Portable Radio

Overcoming today's challenges while preparing for tomorrow.


Reach emergency personnel when they’re needed most.

Fire Case Study - Germany

Germany's largest fire department communicate using TETRA.

Fire Case Study - Greater Manchester Fire

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service deploy MOTOTRBO™.

Keeping Firefighters Safe in South Africa’s West Coast District

MOTOTRBO™ delivers
communications to West
Coast Fire Service.

Transforming Public Safety - 2015 EMEA Survey Report

See how Public Safety communications are being transformed.

Collaborative Devices White Paper

Shorten response time, sharpen decision-making.

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