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Deliver the data that makes a difference.

Augment the intelligence of your teams and heighten their situational awareness.

Private LTE broadband solutions

Our comprehensive broadband solutions deliver anywhere, anytime access to
multimedia information with the mission critical priority and security you demand.

Mission-Critical LTE Devices

Our portfolio of handheld devices, vehicle-mounted modems and add-on encryption solutions deliver rugged, secure public safety-grade connectivity.


Portable Private LTE Infrastructure

Bring the network with you and provide secure, on-demand broadband connectivity anywhere, anytime.


Fixed wide-area LTE Infrastructure

Scalable fixed infrastructure solutions deliver broadband connectivity where you need it.

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Broadband PTT

CONNECT TEAMS ANYWHERE. Keep your teams connected and more productive with instant communications that have no boundaries.


Data makes cities safer.

Experience unprecedented access to real-time data with the most advanced mobile broadband technology available.

Combine the power of LMR and LTE for unprecedented performance.

Transform the flood of data moving in and around your agency into actionable intelligence. Allow it to move freely between devices and networks so you can respond smarter than ever before. Data has limitless potential to make cities safer.

Take interoperability to the next level.

In the line of duty, every second counts. Brazilian National Army combined the power of LTE and land-mobile radio into one interconnected platform, strengthening collaboration and situational awareness.

LEX L11 mission-critical LTE device

Armed with a rugged, easy to operate design, always loud and clear audio, and an advanced end-to-end secure mobile platform, every feature on this LTE device has been thoughtfully considered.

Intuitive control

Keep your eyes up, hands free, and your focus forward with the ability to blindly access mission-critical capabilities.

Accessories to finish jobs

From batteries to chargers and holsters to cradles you have the options you need to get the job done.

Radio collaboration

Radio collaboration

Manage and control a Bluetooth paired radio from Motorola Solutions directly from your device.


Rugged yet streamlined

Rugged and durable yet streamlined and slim, you can count on the LEX L11 to perform when you need it most.

Secure mobile platform

Offers the high-assurance security features that safeguard your mission-critical communications.

Best-in-class audio

Reduce distortion, cancel background noise, and suppress acoustic feedback.

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We have 90 years of proven innovation to manage your operations from end-to-end.

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services

You can mitigate downtime and ensure productivity with the right level of services.

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Device services

Device services

Ensure peak performance of your devices with software updates, technical support and hardware repair services.

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Depend on the knowledge of our skilled experts to safeguard your operational integrity.

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With Public LTE there are always issues with security. With a private LTE network we know our data is secure.

Scott Campbell

Sergeant in Charge, Calgary Police Service

What we do

Land Mobile

Stay safe and connected with the most advanced and reliable radios.

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Public Safety

Put real-time data and video in the hands of first responders.

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Command Center Software Suite

Streamline operations with the only end-to-end public safety software suite.

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Video Security
& Access Control

Detect and deter crime through video security and self-learning video analytics.

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Managed & Support Services

Deliver mission-critical operations so your team’s lifeline is always ready.

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