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MTS2 TETRA Base Station

Compact and lightweight base station that can hold up to two base radios.


MTS4 TETRA Base Station

A high performance TETRA base station that can house up to four base radios.


MTS1 TETRA Base Station

The compact IP66 MTS1 offers a variety of installation options.


Take control of your communications with DIMETRA Express

DIMETRA Express is a flexible TETRA digital voice and data communications solution for secure and reliable business and operations critical communications.
Whether considering two-way radio communications for the first time, migrating from an analogue radio system to digital or refreshing an existing TETRA system, with DIMETRA Express your organisation will be taking advantage of a modern, flexible TETRA system.


Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Simple system management

Simple system management



Voice services

Voice services

Short Data and Packet Data services

Short Data and Packet Data services

Robust and Resilient

Robust and Resilient



Tailored to your unique needs

Tailored to your unique needs


Private digital communications

DIMETRA Express offers private voice and data communications, providing open standard TETRA capability with loud and clear digital voice communications for safe day-to-day operations and short data and packet data services to enhance operational scope and efficiency.

Easy installation

For organisations looking to deploy a completely new system, migrate from a previous DIMETRA system, or set up a temporary or rental system, the solution is designed to get teams up and running quickly and efficiently.

DIMETRA Express integrates the switch and base radios into your existing IT network using a single IP address. A simple browser-based installer leads your Radio Communications Manager through the process that can take less than fifteen minutes.

Simple system management

DIMETRA Express is easy to manage and operate through browser-based network management and dispatch applications. All that’s required is a PC or tablet running Windows® or Android and a Google Chrome browser.

The browser-based applications approach makes monitoring and managing the network fast, easy and cost effective. Separate network management consoles in specific locations are not required - the manager of the system can see what’s happening on the network from anywhere.

An expandable solution

DIMETRA Express enables organisations to start small and expand with extra capacity and capability as and when needed.

With DIMETRA Express, it’s easy to add base radios for additional channels and capacity, or additional sites to increase coverage. Extra subscriber radios can also be added to your fleet at any time.

Frequent software releases provide new functionality, and the system enables the manager of the system to add a range of licensed features to your network as and when required.

Operate in confidence

When it comes to communications for your organisation, reliability is vital. People need communications they can rely on every minute of every day, so they can collaborate efficiently and work productively without delay.

DIMETRA Express is based on the three pillars of mission-critical communications: reliability, security and capacity, and proven TETRA technology relied on by public safety agencies around the world.


Service Packages for DIMETRA Express

To maintain your DIMETRA Express system so that it continues to operate at optimal levels, Motorola Solutions have developed the following lifecycle support service packages:

The service duration for DIMETRA Express Warranty and Essential is 3 years, and the Advanced Service package has a duration of 6 years.

You can purchase the following as options with any of the support packages:

• Extended Hardware Repair

• Hardware Repair with Advanced Replacement

• 2 or 3 day On-Site Technical Support


Product information

DIMETRA Express Services

DIMETRA Express Services

Learn More about services for DIMETRA Express

DIMETRA Express Datasheet

DIMETRA Express Datasheet

DIMETRA Express Datasheet

DIMETRA Express Brochure

DIMETRA Express Brochure

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DIMETRA TETRA Infrastructure Software Features Catalogue

DIMETRA TETRA Infrastructure Software Features Catalogue

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Case Studies

Case Study

Football stadium upgrades to DIMETRA Express

For higher performance and extended coverage

Case Study

Turkish chemical plant deploys DIMETRA Express

Boosting productivity and enhancing safety


INEOS Aromatics Deploys DIMETRA Express System

Coverage and communications are greatly improved



Take control of your communications

Partner tools

Product catalog

Learn more about how DIMETRA Express can help you

The complete TETRA solution

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TETRA Infrastructure

Single site to fully scalable, tough resilient and efficient DIMETRA™ TETRA Systems for mission critical communications.

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TETRA Devices

Rugged and reliable TETRA radio terminals to meet the unique requirements of mission critical communications.

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TETRA Services

Ensure peak performance of your mission-critical TETRA devices and infrastructure systems with support services.

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