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NICE Inform Recorder (NIR)

Radio Recording for Greater Confidence

Unlike competitive solutions, NICE IP radio loggers are an integral part of the radio network. They sit on the same network as the Motorola Solutions’ AIS (Archiving Interface Server), and are connected through a single network switch on the radio network.

NICE Inform Recorder is the most powerful call logging software solution available today, specifically designed to meet the mission-critical needs of the Public Safety emergency communications environment.

It reliably logs and synchronizes 911 calls, including digital, analog, and VoIP calls, conventional and radio transmissions, text–to-911 interactions, video, images, console screens, locations from geographic information systems (GIS), and integrated feeds from other sources such as CCTV video.

NICE Inform Recorder call logging system scales and adapts from single PSAP centers to complex environments with multiple sites, networks, or multi-media calls.

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Supported Languages

NICE Inform Recorder spans all forms of Next Generation 9-1-1 communications in a unified solution, including inbound and outbound text messages agnostic to text aggregation solutions or delivery methods – Direct IP, Web Interface or TTY. Tested at Iindustry collaboration events, NICE Inform Recorder is a future-proof platform designed to comply with National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA’s) i3 MSRP and the European Emergency Number Association’s (EENA’s) NG112 standards.

With NICE’s advanced solutions and intuitive configuration and administration, you can capture, store, manage and replay calls as soon as the installation is completed.

  • Advanced finder of calls and radio transmissions – precision searches leverage expanded metadata captured via Motorola Radio integrations, CAD, D-channel, and other integrations. Quickly find calls and radio transmissions based on caller ID, duration, date and time, user name, channel ID, call direction, CLI/dialed numbers, Incident ID, Incident type, notes, marked calls, and more.

  • Advanced Call Finder – precision searches leverage expanded metadata captured via CAD, D-channel, and other integrations. Quickly find calls based on caller ID, call duration, date and time, user name, channel ID, call direction, CLI/dialed numbers, Incident ID, Incident type, notes, marked calls, and more.
  • Powerful Replay Capability – instant replay and live monitoring through NICE Inform Verify and NICE Inform Monitor. Supports replay of earlier parts of calls in progress. Variable speed playback and loop replay aid in understanding. 

  • Highest Security Levels – roles-based access, AES 256-bit encryption; MD5 fingerprinting, granular user access profiles, web-based admin, and more.

  • Open Architecture – support for Windows OS, SQL database, and COTS server chassis. 

  • Optional Selective Call Deletion – automatically delete recordings based on retention schedules or set up rules for deletion of marked calls. Retain metadata captured with recordings even after voice or text media is deleted. 

  • Wide Range of Storage and Archiving Options – select the storage medium that best meets your cost and efficiency targets. Options include local storage to standard hard drives with a choice of 10 compression algorithms, archiving to SAN/NAS and RDX, central storage to SAN/NAS, or NetApp Snaplock. Define schedules for automated archiving. 

  • Easy Deployment – use commercial server hardware, install remotely (option), choose Windows 2012 or Windows 2016. 
  • Latest NICE recording engine

  • Enhanced security profile
  • Multiple archiving locations for geographical resiliency

  • Support for End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) - DIMETRA

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

  • AIS workstation
  • VPM
  • Replay workstations (if installed on the RNI)

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

  • HP DL360 servers per the Common OS requirements using Windows Server 2016 R2 Std.

IP Technology

  • IP Technology Possible connection to the Customer Network (CEN) which may require a DMZ or Firewall setup

System Architecture

  • ASTRO M-Core A2019.2
  • ASTRO L-Core A2019.2