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Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, information comes streaming in through a multitude of sources: email; SMS; messaging apps; mainstream and social media; images; video and audio recordings; sensors and alarms. This information can prove invaluable to humanitarians responding to a crisis, but it can also be overwhelming – particularly when time is of the essence and resources are stretched.

Motorola’s sophisticated data analysis solutions present information visually and intuitively so that it’s easy to understand and share in real time. 

Aid workers can keep in contact at the push of a button, with digital two-way radios that provide up to 29 hours of battery life. This allows them to stay focused on their mission, while also providing  integrated security features such as GPS tracking and man-down alert to give them the back-up support and reassurance they need.

A mission-critical LTE broadband network provides humanitarians with a communication lifeline, connecting them via two-way radios, LTE handheld devices, drones carrying surveillance cameras or body-worn cameras. The network is capable of maintaining high availability in harsh weather conditions and inhospitable terrain, improving collaboration and response.

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