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Infrastructure is crucial for tackling poverty and promoting economic sustainability. In many countries today, the existing infrastructure is inadequate for delivering basic services such as water, electricity and communication. When disaster strikes, these infrastructures can be completely destroyed.

The scale and complexity of humanitarian operations demands robust, reliable communication networks that can adapt to varying needs, devices and operating systems without being so complex or cumbersome that the technology distracts aid workers from their mission.

Radio systems such as TETRA, TRBO and ASTRO P25 networks are economical solutions, fast to deploy that adhere to the highest security standards. They support voice and data communications and as can be leveraged as the main or fall-back communications backbone for Mission Critical IOT solutions for applications such as early warning or Mass Alert.

Motorola Solutions has the expertise and proven processes to offer global systems integration, from network planning and design to integration, implementation and ongoing management. This provides humanitarian organisations the assurance of continuous, fail-safe operations so they can transfer and access information when, where and how they need to.

Community engagement is also key towards building safer and more prosperous environments. Motorola Solutions has partnered with a number of organisations to develop a portfolio of smart public safety applications that make it easier for citizens to become more aware and more involved and for communities to thrive.

Click on the links below to learn more about how Motorola Solutions can support humanitarian development programs:

Network Integration Services
Seamless technology migration and reduced network deployment risk.

Design and Planning
Ensure your network meets performance, availability and security needs today and in the future.

Managed and Support Services
Allowing you to offload operational risk, cost and management responsibilities.

Connecting people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they are.

Advanced mission critical communications from the world's largest supplier of TETRA solutions.

LTE Broadband Systems
Transforming Mission Critical operations with broadband innovation. 

Mission Critical IOT
Leverage your radio network (TETRA, TRBO or ASTRO P25) to protect and manage people, infrastructure and resources.

Smart Public Safety 
Solutions for Safer Cities & Thriving Communities.