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Re-establishing the rule of law is a crucial stepping stone towards justice, peace and economic sustainability in crisis-affected areas.  Peacekeepers need the right tools, training and support to help them to protect communities and ensure safer cities.

As they restore safety and stability, peacekeepers can be supported by a voice and data two-way radio system that’s powered by solar energy. This provides them with access to features such as GPS-enabled call buttons to signal for backup or to locate officers instantly if an incident occurs. The radio infrastructure may also in parallel, through our Mission Critical IOT, support Mass Alert and early warning systems.

Mission Critical IOT tailored to leverage your Motorola Solutions radio infrastructure; TRBO, TETRA or ASTRO P25, provides an easy to deploy self-contained answer to disaster mass communications. The result is a more responsive, better-equipped peacekeeping force that keeps humanitarians and the community safer.

Smart Public Safety solutions are improving the management of cities to promote sustainable urbanisation through mobile intelligence. Sensors, body cameras, video analytics and social media combine to provide real-time intelligence that expands situational awareness and enables events to be predicted and prevented.

Click on the links below to discover more about how Motorola’s Peacekeeping Solutions can help to make your mission safer:

Connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work.

Advanced mission critical communications from the world's largest supplier of TETRA solutions.

Body-Worn Cameras

Extend the power of Motorola portable radios with Si series - Video Speaker Microphones.

Mission Critical IOT
Leverage your radio network (TETRA, TRBO or ASTRO P25) to protect and manage people, infrastructure and resources.


Smart Public Safety 
Solutions for Safer Cities & Thriving Communities.